You are from Victoria | Pensioner / HCC | Exhausted all avenues of funding

So you have exhausted all avenues of self-funding?

Some of these resources might still be of help.

This is not an exhaustive list and some creative thinking outside the box might help 

– ask family and friends for a loan 

– contact Centrelink for an interest-free loan from between $500-$1,000 depending on your circumstances

– check your home insurance policy to see if pet illness / trauma is covered

– some rescue groups may be able to assist

– breed specific groups / training clubs may be worth asking

– Good Shepherd Micro-finance / Good Money / NILS (no-interest-loan scheme)

– RSPCA in your area and request charitable assistance form

– Ask the vet if there is a service you can provide them in lieu of care eg. Weeding, cleaning, filing, walking, accounting, etc – think outside the box

– Your local church / council – and let them know you’ll be happy to promote them in the local newspaper when you say ’thank you’

– Pets of the Homeless

State specific sites

Western Australia:  Perth Vet Bill Assistance

South Australia: Pay It Paw-Ward Pet Medical Emergency Fund

Dog Adoption Australia – for assistance rehoming pets due to change in circumstances