The caring and empathy for both pets and their owners is beyond anything we have ever seen before in our 30 years of operating a veterinary clinic. Jennifer and team are the most caring people we have met, going above and beyond on a daily basis not just helping people in crisis financially where possible, but helping ease the emotional burden in stressful times. Jennifer and Co are an amazing team that make the world a better place. Pets are extremely lucky to have access to the kindness of this wonderful group.

Dr Marcus Hayes

These people are Earth angels they have helped save my pet from a life riddled with pain and pretty much have helped save her life. Eternally grateful .The personal touch that was involved with taking care of my beautiful girl Tinka has touched me deeply and I will be eternally grateful.

Anwen Thomas

There are no words that can describe the thanks that we have ! U have helped our much-beloved family member at a difficult time in our lives .. we will be forever grateful to you all x

Sarah Bradbook

They do amazing work and are a gift from god! My cat needed his eye removed and they helped me when no one else would. Because of them I will have my Eddie for many many years.
Thank you ❤️

Chelle Walker