After Peter’s home was recently burnt down he needed to move in with his girlfriend. The fire left Peter with very few possessions, but he still had his best mate ‘Bobby’ his Chihuahua X and that’s what mattered most. Peter is on Disability Support Pension as is his partner, ‘Bobby’ acts as an uncertified therapy dog for them both by greatly assisting their mental health.

Peter’s girlfriend’s cat had kittens and the mother cat scratched Bobby’s eye last week causing an extremely nasty scratch on the dogs’ cornea. After getting ‘Bobby’ to the Greencross Vet in Williamstown to see Dr.April Massale it was diagnosed that the very painful eye would need to be removed. Without the funds nor the best way to get his dog helped Peter contacted PMC who’ve done this many times before and were at the ready to assist in every way possible. Dr.April did a great job and the clinic was fantastic in supporting the very thankful Peter and ‘Bobby’.

The surgery all went very well and Bobby is far more comfortable while Peter is very relieved. Oh and ‘Bobby’ won the bravery award for his outstanding behavior. Peter and Bobby are now adapting to being one eyed Collingwood supporters!!

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.