‘Missy’ is a stunning American Bulldog that was given to Kate 4 years ago. Kate is on a single parenting pension but still works part-time to make ends meet. ‘Missy’ was injured while playing roughly with another dog and tore her ACL. Due to the injury, Mum Kate has taken to sleeping on the floor so that ‘Missy’, who tends to be a bed hog won’t further damage her ACL while she is on her pain medication.

“I am a single mum to a 12-year-old who is starting high school this year and I have tried to put in for loans and have asked family and friends if I could borrow from them and was unsuccessful so PMC is my last opportunity.” Kate who had tried every avenue she could to save her girl from premature death.

‘Missy’ is very special to the family and goes almost everywhere with them. She is an extremely social dog and loved by all who meet her, so much so that a four-year-old family friend offered to pay for the surgery with her pocket money. Pet Medical Crisis is happy to donate our maximum and Maffra Vet has kindly allowed Kate to pay off the remaining every week going forward.
‘Little Missy’ is on the way to full recovery.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


10yo Georgie has it all and we wanted to make sure she didn’t lose her life…. or leg unnecessarily. On Monday while sunning herself at home in Maldon, a gumtree fell, hitting her and breaking her femur. As you can see on the Xray it’s a very clean break and could be fixed but this unexpected expense tipped over the family’s finances. Mortgaged, with Centrelink loan and trying to pay for utilities, school needs, etc – Georgie faced being euthanised.

Pet Medical Crisis donated $1,000 for surgery but the family couldn’t find enough to save her leg and had no way of getting her to Melbourne for other options and so opted for an amputation yesterday.

Enter Southern Animal Health’s Dr. Marcus Hayes who offered to discount surgery by $1,400 to save her leg. The family was ecstatic at the thought of Georgie being given this chance and so Jennifer from PMC drove to Castlemaine yesterday to bring Georgie to Southern Animal Health. Vegas from PMC did the last leg (sorry for the pun!) from Windsor to Cheltenham at 6:30 last night.

“Thank you for getting Georgie safely to Melbourne this afternoon for treatment” said soon to be 3rd time Mum Brenda.

Georgie has recovered now.

Love from all your friends at PMC xxxxooooxxxx

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


A well known homeless duo, Mungo Andrew and Ernie have been struggling to find a place to live, mainly because most rentals don’t want a dog. But not Sarah from Langwarrin who last week rented out a room in her home to this top team.

Ernie got on extremely well with Sarah’s 2 Heelers and Doberman X and said ‘Ernie is a grouse dog, well behaved, gets on well with other dogs and just loves everyone’.

Life was looking on the up when Mungo took Ernie along with him to mow a lawn in Karingal. Tragically they were involved in a serious car accident, leaving them both in a critical condition.

Mungo was taken to hospital in an ambulance and the wonderful CFA stayed with Ernie and got him to Karingal Vet.

Without the owner to vouch for payment, Karingal Vet never missed a beat. They rushed Ernie straight in to emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen. Nurse Sarah contacted Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) and we were able to donate our maximum but more was needed. On hearing of the case, donations came flooding in from a wonderfully supportive community and Second Chance Rescue offered to cover the bill.

Here’s a little clip of Ernie getting ready to be discharged home to Sarah and waiting for his Dad to get out of intensive care. He’s been a wonderfully popular patient – and we can see just why.

Thanks to: Ambulance Victoria; CFA Langwarrin and Karingal; Karingal Vet; Landlord Sarah; Pet Medical Crisis; the extraordinary community and Rescued With Love. What a top team!!!!

Mungo and Ernie went on to both make full recoveries and are reunited in health.


You’ve gotta love a smart dog! When you adopt a dog and it becomes an assistance dog without you even knowing it was going to be…. They adopted a dog from Gumtree last year who was supposed to be euthanised if not
rehomed asap.  Alana Fox drove over and took Jax – Border Collie X Labrador.  

They got him home and he was acting unusually – running between the daughter’s room and the Mother’s.  They thought they’d made a mistake getting him and when Alana went to see what he was doing she found her daughter was having a panic attack and the dog was trying to alert her.  Not bad for day 1!
From then on he has kept the daughter calm, always positions himself to be beside her and alerts her Mother if there is a concern. Alana then had an accident – fell and fractured her ankle.  Multiple surgeries failed and she had to have a below-knee amputation last year.  The fibula end is causing problems so she can’t get a prosthesis fitted and may need to return to theatre to have it trimmed.  She was placed on DSP, had 1/2 price taxis, etc but had to borrow from both daughters to pay living expenses, etc. She was maxed out and in debt which includes the consultation for Jax at Sandown Vet.

Jax needed urgent dental surgery which the family was never going to be able to afford so in we stepped. PMC to the rescue.

Thanks to Southern Animal Health and volunteer driver Michelle Layet who drove to pick them up and drop them home.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.