Single Mum Rachel moved to a big beach house in San Remo with her little girl and her dogs. After working for years in promotions/modeling Rachel wanted to do what she felt was more meaningful work to make a difference in the community. After doing some work for a NFP group in community care she was living the life of her dreams with her little girl Chelsea and their dogs.

‘Meeka’ one of her dogs developed a lump on her gum when she was 2 and has had several operations already as the issue seemed never-ending. One day out of the blue Rachel felt numbness in her legs and soon found out the issue was very serious. Rachel was diagnosed with neural spinal stenosis, discogenic disease/ Osteoarthritis in 4 points in the spine, this meant now she could not work and needed to move closer to a city where she could get the help required in Frankston.

“Meeka is my companion, my baby. Chelsea always said Meeka was her dog……….
I agreed but knew l was the one she curled up to each night. My disability forces me to now use a walking stick, crutches, grabbers and a shower chair.l am mostly housebound, and doing daily life is difficult. My little dogs are my only friends since moving to a new area.”

‘Meeka’ continues to fight with her health issues as does her brave mum Rachel, but it has now become the dire situation that part of ‘Meeka’s’ jaw needs to be removed to help her stay alive. PMC feel honoured to be able to help manage this case along with the wonderful and caring team at SAH led by Drs’. Marcus, Nick, and Karin.

“I love Meeka so much, she is like a support dog now l have a chronic illness…(she comforts me when l cry) Financially l am struggling now on Newstart. It is more than tough. I thank the Pet Medical for being a Godsend. Without you, l would still be feeling alone, and my poor puppy.. well l do not like to think about that. You have restored my faith in humans, and will be forever grateful for such a caring and compassionate organisation.” Said the forever grateful Rachel.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Michelle first got ‘Eddie’ when he was just a tiny kitten at 7 weeks of age. The affectionate kitten is now still only 9 months old but when Michelle got out of the hospital at Christmas she noticed he had a very sore and swollen eye. After getting to her Vet it was very clear he had some grass seeds that had penetrated into his eye. After having two removed he was treated with anti-inflammatories and saline baths in the days that passed, but it was no good the poor kitten had lost his eyesight due to the ulcer that had developed. Michelle is on a carers pension which doesn’t allow much room for anything else so she knew the only chance to save her kitten would be to reach out for some help, and she contacted PMC. PMC got onto our great friends at Southern Animal Health who, as always help us when they can.

“I really don’t want to lose Eddie he means the world to me. I’ve been through a lot lately and can’t lose Eddie too.” Said Michelle who had tried every avenue to get some assistance but without luck.

Eddie surgery was done successfully and now has recovered well. Thanks to all those who donate. Sometimes all we need is a little kindness on this planet to make the world of difference to those less fortunate.

Circumstances have often taken a turn-for-the-worse for many of the pensioners we assist. Mum Leonie previously held high paying positions. With 4 children in her care who desperately wanted a puppy, she adopted an unwanted Shitzu Cavalier Spaniel when he was 10 weeks old.

Over time Leonie has succumbed to mental health issues. Baxter became her baby and she couldn’t be without him. “He is my only companion – my reason to get up and always by my side. He has the sweetest, most gentle personality.”

Baxter is 13 now and has pain from his teeth cavities and gum disease. He also has a growth on his back which he is starting to try to get at.

Leonie was offered a payment plan by a vet but she couldn’t come up with a deposit for half.

Pet Medical Crisis arranged for Baxter to be seen at Southern Animal Health and thanks to our donation he had his teeth cleaned, 5 removed and the nasty growth on his back removed.

Thanks to PMC, Baxter is back home by his loving Mum’s side.

Leonie said: “I am so grateful to have been able to get this done and as soon as I can, I will donate back.”

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Meet Paris Bartal from Dingley whose single Mum Lisa describes:
“Paris is the heart of our family – waiting by the door when we arrive home from school or work, wherever we go she follows without question. She has taught our friend’s children to respect but not be afraid of dogs. She is loyal affectionate and our beautiful girl.”

Paris was in good health but one day she came to Lisa’s room at 2am wheezing, struggling to breathe and unsettled.

With the help of her son, Lisa got Paris into the car and took her to Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham. She was discovered to have laryngeal paresis and without treatment could suffocate.

The family of 3 kids, Lisa and her mother who is on the aged pension, were in financial difficulties and the option of laryngeal tie-back surgery was beyond their reach. Steroids helped a little but gave just temporary relief. It is now either surgery or euthanasia.

“We want to do everything we can for our Paris. She has always been and still is an awesome dog. But we can’t go ahead without Pet Medical Crisis’s assistance.”

Pet Medical Crisis’s donation enabled her to have laryngeal tie-back surgery at Southern Animal Health and initial signs were that she was able to breathe a lot easier.

The family was delighted to take her home for what would be very precious time together. Unfortunately, she was unable to stop vomiting and had respiratory issues so they sadly took her home yesterday for a final night with her adoring family.

Paris was given her eternal wings the next day at Southern Animal Health surrounded by her loving family.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences Lisa and family.


May 29th, 2019 8:00am

Cookie Gheorghiu is a life-line for widowed, disability pensioner Gabbi from Bonbeach who describes her 2 dogs as her babies.

 “They both sleep with me in bed and I go to a lot of effort to cook for them home made meals (chicken and veggies ….) because I want them to be healthy and live as long as possible.”

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May 23rd, 2019 8:00am

Pensioner Debbie B contacted PMC through our website’s Need Help application form: 

“I am on a pension and have already paid around $4,000 in vet fees to care for my cats. Stains the one I need help with has dental problems and been taken to emergency 3 times at Lort Smith Animal Hospital. They have told me I am looking at $1100 to do a full dental extraction.  My cat is my lifeline I love him so much and can’t bear to see him sick. Can you please help me as I am so distressed at the thought of him being in pain and not being able to help him. Please help”

Pet Medical Crisis were pleased to liaise with Southern Animal Health’s Dr Marcus Hayes who discounted Stains surgery by 50%.  With Debbie paying for diagnostics PMC were able to donate $550 to see this sweetheart well again and home to support his Mum as her life-line.

Rest and heal sweetheart… Love from all your friends at PMC xxxxooooxxxx

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.