‘Missy’ is a stunning American Bulldog that was given to Kate 4 years ago. Kate is on a single parenting pension but still works part-time to make ends meet. ‘Missy’ was injured while playing roughly with another dog and tore her ACL. Due to the injury, Mum Kate has taken to sleeping on the floor so that ‘Missy’, who tends to be a bed hog won’t further damage her ACL while she is on her pain medication.

“I am a single mum to a 12-year-old who is starting high school this year and I have tried to put in for loans and have asked family and friends if I could borrow from them and was unsuccessful so PMC is my last opportunity.” Kate who had tried every avenue she could to save her girl from premature death.

‘Missy’ is very special to the family and goes almost everywhere with them. She is an extremely social dog and loved by all who meet her, so much so that a four-year-old family friend offered to pay for the surgery with her pocket money. Pet Medical Crisis is happy to donate our maximum and Maffra Vet has kindly allowed Kate to pay off the remaining every week going forward.
‘Little Missy’ is on the way to full recovery.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.