May 6th, 2019 10:00am

Saorise has survived domestic violence and lives with the scars of PTSD every day.  Her carers provide day-to-day support but it’s her pets that make life worth living.

Without her pets she says life would just be too cruel. They bring her solace, peace and lots of laughter.

We first met Arnie in January when he was bitten by a snake and urgently needed antivenin to survive. Working with Dr Ben Porter from Peninsula Vetcare, Pet Medical Crisis arranges for Arnie to be taken straight to hospital where he was treated and hospitalised over night.  

He took a while to get back on his feet and be 100% again and now he has…. until last week when he took a tumble off a pile of boxes and injured his front left foot.

Now needing a trip to Cowes Veterinary Surgery Mr Arnie is talking non-stop about his 9 lives to anyone who’ll listen. Mum Saorise says “It never ever ever stops!!!  

Even on walks he is narrating the whole event. lol.

Stay well young Arnie. Your lives are precious. So pleased we could help. Love from all your friends at Pet Medical Crisis