‘Spice’ is a 13-year-old dog and has been a great companion to her mum Debbie. ‘Spice’ is Debbie’s support animal as she is a Disability support pensioner who has been very ill with both a heart attack and stroke. Just before Christmas Debbie noticed a small growth about the size of a matchstick on ‘Spice’s’ stomach that she had never seen before, but it seemed to be quite innocent at first. Soon after noticing the growth, Debbie realised that it had suddenly become rather large and got her beautiful mixed breed dog down to Braeside Community Vets.

On Monday (20-01-2020) the Vet, David Freeman, examined her and found that ‘Spice’ had skin cancer that needed to be cut out urgently. While Dr. Freeman was examining ‘Spice’ he also noticed a small tumour on her neck that also looked as if it could be a cancer threat and would need to be excised. Debbie lives on a very small pension and what she has is often accounted for even before it’s paid, so an expensive procedure like this would mean she would surely have to have her girl put to sleep. With the help of the good folks at Moorabin bayCISS Debbie applied to the PMC website and asked for our help to manage her case and assist her in the funding of the surgery.

Debbie was desperate for help

“If there is any way you can assist me please help me as my Dog is essential to my health and wellbeing”.

Thanks to the care and great work from the team at Braeside Community Vets . The old girl is very pleased to be now back alongside her Mumma where she has been for the last 13 years. A great result for a worthy pair we say. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.