It seems like a very simple thing but is so often underestimated, that is the quality care from a vet that understands the value of dogs to their owners. Garry, a single pensioner from Warnambool recently fell in his bathroom and broke his neck. Unable for the first time in his life to be able to afford the vet treatment he needed to borrow from his son to take care of his girl ‘Poppy’ who has developed diabetes and lost her eyesight. After using all the money he had and borrowed on her treatment, he was told to put his favourite thing in the world to sleep, which he valiantly opposed. “She’s all I’ve got.” was his actual response.

Garry decided he needed to give ‘Poppy’ the chance she rightly deserved and changed vets to see the team at “The Vet Group at Warnambool” led by the amazing Dr. David. PMC was contacted to help manage the case and Dr. David created a simple & sustainable option for Garry that works within his cost constraints. Often changing the way a treatment is offered can have a profound impact on the pet and owner – thanks to Dr. David for his kind and compassionate care of Garry and ‘Poppy’.

“I’ve got my little baby back,” said Garry. “She’s slept by my side for 10 years and the thought of losing her kept me up pacing the house so many nights. I can’t tell you what your help means to me. Can you send me raffle books to sell? I’ll be telling everyone about you. God bless you…”

“This has been the 1st time I’ve needed help in my life and it’s hard to ask for help.”
What a great result.