Jena is a very well educated woman with a Ph.D., but sometimes even that doesn’t help with getting work when you move across the world to Australia. Living on an aged pension and having only $70 in the bank, living week-to-week becomes a hardship that’s often almost impossible to navigate. Jena lives in a small commission flat in Carlton, but the one thing she can rely on is her adventurous female doggy named ‘Jones’ after the other swashbuckler –INDIANA!

The place is somehow empty without her here this afternoon. She’s such a funny, sweet, independent dog. She has a beautiful temperament – always happy – a joy to have around with a character fit for the hero of any novel.
I could go on and on about Jones. I regard her as my best friend. I cannot contemplate what life would be like without her. Just watching her play makes me happy
.” The beautifully spoken Jena was quoted saying.

When ‘Jones’ seriously damaged her jaw and teeth whilst chasing a ball Jena was faced with the worst prospect she could imagine, losing her best friend for the sake of money or lack thereof.

Racing her loved Scottish terrier to Carlton Vet Clinic for assessment, PMC was almost immediately contacted for help. ‘Jones’ had the surgery at the Lort Smith hospital to fix her teeth. After some recovery time, ‘Jones’ will hopefully be a little more careful in the next few adventure sequels she will star in! Jena is over the moon to have her explorer home where she belongs.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.