When Mihaela adopted her boy ‘Blacky’ he had already had a bit of a rough trot in different homes. Mihaela loved him instantly and has now had him by her side for many years. The little guy is a Jack Russell cross who makes Mihaela’s life a far happier thing. ‘Blacky’ has had a tumor on his front leg and 7 days ago it started to grow far more rapidly and became an open wound.

Blacky and his Mum Mihaela

Being on a pension with limited funds Mihaela knew it was going to be very tough for her to afford to have the tumor operated on. The Berwick springs hospital veterinary clinic is where ‘Blacky’ was taken, they informed Mihaela that they would need to perform surgery to help her boy.

With the fear of losing her 11 year old boy due to lack of funds PMC were contacted and asked to help manage the case. “Blacky for me is family. He is my unspoken happiness” A very simple yet beautiful quote from Mihaela says it all.

‘Blacky’ is now home and his recovery has been very positive and relatively pain free. We thank the team at Berwick Springs including Dr. Craig for your great work and generosity.

Rest up little guy we all hope you have many more years helping your mums health and mental wellbeing.

A well known homeless duo, Mungo Andrew and Ernie have been struggling to find a place to live, mainly because most rentals don’t want a dog. But not Sarah from Langwarrin who last week rented out a room in her home to this top team.

Ernie got on extremely well with Sarah’s 2 Heelers and Doberman X and said ‘Ernie is a grouse dog, well behaved, gets on well with other dogs and just loves everyone’.

Life was looking on the up when Mungo took Ernie along with him to mow a lawn in Karingal. Tragically they were involved in a serious car accident, leaving them both in a critical condition.

Mungo was taken to hospital in an ambulance and the wonderful CFA stayed with Ernie and got him to Karingal Vet.

Without the owner to vouch for payment, Karingal Vet never missed a beat. They rushed Ernie straight in to emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen. Nurse Sarah contacted Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) and we were able to donate our maximum but more was needed. On hearing of the case, donations came flooding in from a wonderfully supportive community and Second Chance Rescue offered to cover the bill.

Here’s a little clip of Ernie getting ready to be discharged home to Sarah and waiting for his Dad to get out of intensive care. He’s been a wonderfully popular patient – and we can see just why.

Thanks to: Ambulance Victoria; CFA Langwarrin and Karingal; Karingal Vet; Landlord Sarah; Pet Medical Crisis; the extraordinary community and Rescued With Love. What a top team!!!!

Mungo and Ernie went on to both make full recoveries and are reunited in health.