‘Jock’ is a 6-year-old West Highland X Jack Russell terrier who loves to run, climb, dig, bark at possums and look for escape holes. He’s a very adept escape artist and Mum Tania had had to “Jock proof” the back-yard as standard dog proofing wasn’t enough. He’s a social little fellow and likes to go out to lunch in Frankston beach with friends, most of all he is happy to clean up any food that gets dropped. ‘Jocks’ best friend is ‘Jazz’ the cat, they love to play and even sleep together. He’s a great security blanket for her. Mum Tania has many physical problems and has spent years getting surgeries and procedures, she lives tightly on her pension.

“Jock helps me cope with mental stresses by snuggling up and making the world a less scary place to live in.
He’s part of my safe space and helps to calm the anxiety and stress. In the past, he’s protected me from Ice addicted neighbours and stopped people from robbing my unit when all our neighbours were being broken into.”

A few days ago Tania noticed the little champion in the back garden running towards her with his right hind leg tucked up under him. ‘Jock’ had badly damaged his cruciate, which needed to be assessed under anesthetic. PMC was contacted and managed the case including payment. Dr. Marcus Hayes and the team at Southern Animal Health looked after ‘Jock’ well. Now the little fella needs to be super careful or he will need further work done. Crossing our fingers no more escapes that will reinjure his knee.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.