May 13th, 2019 12:00am

Sweet 7yo Pug Jet had a very uncertain start to life – being passed from family to family to family until she finally found her forever home with the Keesings from Clifton Springs.

Mum Gabrielle doted on her new love who quickly bought great support to the single Mum when life bought about unexpected challenges. Gabrielle became guardian to a young child who lost both her parents. Throughout their additional hardships Jet provided enormous joy to the whole family.

Last night Gabrielle’s daughter Mikayla let her know that Jet had become unwell.  By this morning it was clear she needed urgent veterinary care. Gabrielle took her to Drysdale /Newcome Vet where she was diagnosed as having pyometra and without $2,000 surgery she would not survive.

Gabrielle spent the day searching for funds to help her baby. She tried family & friends, her bank, VetPay, OnePay, CashConverters and GoFundMe without any luck.  She only had $550 and concluded with a broken heart that Jet would have to be euthanised. 

The veterinary staff realised this was a case for Pet Medical Crisis and we have been pleased to donate our maximum of $1,000, leaving this loving family still $450 short.

Jet had to be admitted urgently for IV antibiotics and is expected to have life-saving surgery tomorrow at Newcombe vet.  We have our fingers and paws crossed for a good outcome. A timely reminder to have your pets desexed to avoid crisis vet care needs. 

Rest and heal sweetheart… Love from all your friends at PMC xxxxooooxxxx

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.