‘Maya’ is a 13-year-old kitty that loves to laze in the sun with his elderly pensioner Mum Tania. Tania has owned ‘Maya’ for virtually his entire life, the soft-natured cat is loyal, quiet and never far from his Mum.

“We just about live out in the garden, he snoozes in the sun most days. If I sit in the lounge he always comes over and tucks in beside me for cuddles, he is always there. He is such good company for me as I am on my own and a constant source of love for me so he really is my best mate and yes he is spoilt….why not.”

Three years ago when ‘Maya’ had really bad pain in his teeth and gums Tania was unable to afford the costs, and being unaware of Pet Medical Crisis meant that she was unable to get the treatment needed. Thanks to the kind nature of Vet Dr.Chris Gallagher from Hallam Park Animal Hospital he sent the application for the cat’s procedure to us at PMC, and it’s been our pleasure to manage the case and donate to cover the costs. Tania whose sister sadly passed away without a will now look forward to leaving the inheritance to help more humans and animals at PMC- stay tuned to learn more about our bequest program in the New Year. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


Franky is a 38-year-old single father; much like many single parents, he finds the costs of living sometimes beyond his means. Living in Maryborough with his 5-year-old daughter Esther the pair of them love their dogs dearly, two blue heelers named ‘Chachi’ and ‘Joanie’. ‘Joanie’ the eldest of the two pups is now 7.

She is the closest thing that young Esther has to a Mum,” Franky said through tears after being awake all night worried sick, “I feel like it’s my fault and I should have acted earlier but I didn’t have the money.”

Franky didn’t have the money to have ‘Joanie’ Desexed and she developed a life-threatening infection in her uterus that needed urgent surgery. The family is now back together thanks to some quick work from Team PMC managing the case from the get-go, and of course, the Maryborough vet clinic Led by Dr. Joel. Esther is one happy little girl again. Hopefully, we can spread this story out so others understand why it is so important for your dogs’ health to be de-sexed but also vital for the community.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


After Peter’s home was recently burnt down he needed to move in with his girlfriend. The fire left Peter with very few possessions, but he still had his best mate ‘Bobby’ his Chihuahua X and that’s what mattered most. Peter is on Disability Support Pension as is his partner, ‘Bobby’ acts as an uncertified therapy dog for them both by greatly assisting their mental health.

Peter’s girlfriend’s cat had kittens and the mother cat scratched Bobby’s eye last week causing an extremely nasty scratch on the dogs’ cornea. After getting ‘Bobby’ to the Greencross Vet in Williamstown to see Dr.April Massale it was diagnosed that the very painful eye would need to be removed. Without the funds nor the best way to get his dog helped Peter contacted PMC who’ve done this many times before and were at the ready to assist in every way possible. Dr.April did a great job and the clinic was fantastic in supporting the very thankful Peter and ‘Bobby’.

The surgery all went very well and Bobby is far more comfortable while Peter is very relieved. Oh and ‘Bobby’ won the bravery award for his outstanding behavior. Peter and Bobby are now adapting to being one eyed Collingwood supporters!!

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


‘Xanda’ is a Ragdoll X kitten, about 8 months old. Although his adopted family hasn’t had him that long he has made a huge impact on them and their mental health.

“He has the nicest personality I have ever seen, every night he comes to bed talking, cuddles up to us so he means everything to us all!” Dylan the soon to be father said.

The Kitten was treated at Passionate Vet Clinic in Bendigo for crucial constipation but failed to move the mass needed. This meant the far more expensive treatment to help would require a general anesthetic. Dylan tried to pay as much as he could but he needed help, and that help, as it so often is was PMC. Bridging the pay gap and managing the case meant that the kitten was able to get the treatment desperately needed to get him well once again. Thank you, Passionate Vetcare for the stellar work.

June 19th, 2019 10:00am

Mum Carol visits her desperately ill boy in hospital

Mum Carol Watt from Kerang couldn’t give up on her boy Puss-Puss who saved her life 8 months ago when she felt suicidal. In financial crisis though she had nowhere else to turn.

350 mls of pus was drained from Puss-Puss’s chest cavity and with a $1,000 donation from PMC and another large single donation of $1,000 from one of our supporters, Carol and her 10 yo daughter were relieved of the financial burden and were able to get their loved boy home again to make all of their lives that much sweeter.

Pets bring untold mental health therapy – and securing that bond for owners in necessitous circumstances is what Pet Medical Crisis do best.

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August 19, 2019 10:00am

When single Mum Anna adopted 2 kittens from RSPCA everything was terrific. She had young children, security and the promise of prosperous days ahead.

Turns for the worse couldn’t have been more unexpected and when her Ally became unwell, she was devastated to not be able to afford her veterinary care.

Nurse Kim from Casey Vet Pakenham called on Pet Medical Crisis and after a significant discount on Waffle’s veterinary costs it was determined that she had ingested poison. With prompt hospitalisation and treatment her prognosis was good – but Anna simply couldn’t afford the cost.

Pet Medical Crisis donated $1,000 to give this sweet girl the chance to get over-the-line and home to her loving family.

Unfortunately, Waffles was becoming more and more unwell. Through her heartbreak, Anna had to choose to give her angel her eternal wings.

Our deepest sympathy and respect to this heartbroken family.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Circumstances have often taken a turn-for-the-worse for many of the pensioners we assist. Mum Leonie previously held high paying positions. With 4 children in her care who desperately wanted a puppy, she adopted an unwanted Shitzu Cavalier Spaniel when he was 10 weeks old.

Over time Leonie has succumbed to mental health issues. Baxter became her baby and she couldn’t be without him. “He is my only companion – my reason to get up and always by my side. He has the sweetest, most gentle personality.”

Baxter is 13 now and has pain from his teeth cavities and gum disease. He also has a growth on his back which he is starting to try to get at.

Leonie was offered a payment plan by a vet but she couldn’t come up with a deposit for half.

Pet Medical Crisis arranged for Baxter to be seen at Southern Animal Health and thanks to our donation he had his teeth cleaned, 5 removed and the nasty growth on his back removed.

Thanks to PMC, Baxter is back home by his loving Mum’s side.

Leonie said: “I am so grateful to have been able to get this done and as soon as I can, I will donate back.”

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



A well known homeless duo, Mungo Andrew and Ernie have been struggling to find a place to live, mainly because most rentals don’t want a dog. But not Sarah from Langwarrin who last week rented out a room in her home to this top team.

Ernie got on extremely well with Sarah’s 2 Heelers and Doberman X and said ‘Ernie is a grouse dog, well behaved, gets on well with other dogs and just loves everyone’.

Life was looking on the up when Mungo took Ernie along with him to mow a lawn in Karingal. Tragically they were involved in a serious car accident, leaving them both in a critical condition.

Mungo was taken to hospital in an ambulance and the wonderful CFA stayed with Ernie and got him to Karingal Vet.

Without the owner to vouch for payment, Karingal Vet never missed a beat. They rushed Ernie straight in to emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen. Nurse Sarah contacted Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) and we were able to donate our maximum but more was needed. On hearing of the case, donations came flooding in from a wonderfully supportive community and Second Chance Rescue offered to cover the bill.

Here’s a little clip of Ernie getting ready to be discharged home to Sarah and waiting for his Dad to get out of intensive care. He’s been a wonderfully popular patient – and we can see just why.

Thanks to: Ambulance Victoria; CFA Langwarrin and Karingal; Karingal Vet; Landlord Sarah; Pet Medical Crisis; the extraordinary community and Rescued With Love. What a top team!!!!

Mungo and Ernie went on to both make full recoveries and are reunited in health.


Meet Paris Bartal from Dingley whose single Mum Lisa describes:
“Paris is the heart of our family – waiting by the door when we arrive home from school or work, wherever we go she follows without question. She has taught our friend’s children to respect but not be afraid of dogs. She is loyal affectionate and our beautiful girl.”

Paris was in good health but one day she came to Lisa’s room at 2am wheezing, struggling to breathe and unsettled.

With the help of her son, Lisa got Paris into the car and took her to Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham. She was discovered to have laryngeal paresis and without treatment could suffocate.

The family of 3 kids, Lisa and her mother who is on the aged pension, were in financial difficulties and the option of laryngeal tie-back surgery was beyond their reach. Steroids helped a little but gave just temporary relief. It is now either surgery or euthanasia.

“We want to do everything we can for our Paris. She has always been and still is an awesome dog. But we can’t go ahead without Pet Medical Crisis’s assistance.”

Pet Medical Crisis’s donation enabled her to have laryngeal tie-back surgery at Southern Animal Health and initial signs were that she was able to breathe a lot easier.

The family was delighted to take her home for what would be very precious time together. Unfortunately, she was unable to stop vomiting and had respiratory issues so they sadly took her home yesterday for a final night with her adoring family.

Paris was given her eternal wings the next day at Southern Animal Health surrounded by her loving family.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences Lisa and family.


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