‘Cruiser’ is a 7-year-old pug who has had a tough trot. It was only a few months ago she had her eye removed due to a blood vessel popping then she suffered from life-threatening pancreatitis. But things went from bad to worse when Cruiser fractured her elbow very badly which meant sadly she needed to have it amputated. Owners Zoe and her partner both suffer from mental health issues and are on disability pensions. The thing that helps them most is having their lovely pets who mean the world to them and their health. Zoe says her kids, 4 and 10, adore both their little furry siblings.

Seeing how badly ‘Cruiser’ was suffering, Mum Zoe sourced various veterinary opinions and got her to the Animal Vet Maffra who discounted their costs to help save Cruiser’s life. Zoe heard about PMC via our Facebook connections and applied for help at PMC managed the case with Dr Mark at AVM and we donated our maximum to relieve the family’s crippling financial burden. After hearing over the phone that we could help to get her pup fixed up, Zoe broke down in tears of relief.

Little Cruiser is recovering well so far and the family is over the moon that she is ok and back with them. It’s cases like this where we see the undeniable difference pets make in the lives and mental health of humans, and especially to the people who suffer from different forms of illness.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.