Francesca is on a disability pension due to several different ongoing conditions. Francesca has also had lymphedema from cancer treatment and 3 cerebral aneurysms. She is a single parent and has suffered from panic attacks with a very limited support network around to help her. When she purchased her dog from a Facebook group she did so after being told how much of a difference a dog can make to a humans mental well being, and it was the right information because her dog ‘Tessa’ has been an incredible support for her since she purchased her at the age of 18 months. ‘Tessa’ loves to snuggle with her mum, and she is so much of an inside girl that if she is put outside for a run she cries at the door. Through some of the toughest times in Francesca’s life, ‘Tessa’ has been by her side.

“Just after I got Tessa she sat with me while I did nothing but cry my eyes out for weeks….she has been my companion ever since and I’d be so devastated if I ever lost her.” Francesca reflected on one of her toughest moments.

‘Tessa’ was hit by a car on 27th December – and the driver simply drove away. ‘Tessa’ sustained an open fracture to her front left leg and was seen by Warragul vet at home as Francesca doesn’t own a car so she could not drive her there. The vet took Tessa to their clinic for diagnostic X-rays and stabilisation, and then ‘Tess’ was taken to the Lort Smith animal hospital with a deposit borrowed from the elderly pensioner neighbour. ‘Tessa’ needed to have the leg amputated but with a significant bill that PMC helped with and thanks to our community and followers for helping.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.