Spunky the Jack Russell saved when charity comes to rescue of Carlton family in pet crisis

Paula Maud, Melbourne Leader

May 2, 2013 12:38pm

CARLTON mum Epifania Smith was facing the worst of dilemmas when her much loved pet, Spunky the Jack Russell, needed urgent surgery for bladder stones recently.

With Spunky in extreme pain and faced with an unaffordable surgery bill and ongoing specialised food costs, the unemployed mother of five was distraught when told euthanasia was her most practical solution.

“The night we found out we were so sad, the kids were aware we had to save money … we were living on toast trying to save money,” Ms Smith said.

But the mood in their home instantly lifted after Ms Smith made contact with the public charity, Pet Medical Crisis Fund.

The fund, available to all veterinary clinics in Victoria, was set up by Jennifer Hunt in 2010 and aims to help people on low incomes keep pets when expensive treatment is required.

When the plea to help Spunky came, the fund was able to provide the Lort Smith Animal Hospital with $750 to start Spunky’s treatment immediately.

Ms Smith has committed to pay off matching costs through fortnightly instalments.

“When we heard from Jennifer it was like a party in our house,” Ms Smith said.

Late last week, Spunky was back home recovering from the surgery and insisting on prime position on the family’s couch.

Donations to Spunky’s medical costs can be made by entering ‘Spunky’ at Pet Medical Crisis Fund

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