Sarah Anderson, Wyndham Leader

March 26, 2013 12:00am

BELOVED family dog Marley has been saved by the kindness of strangers.

When the active dog stopped eating and started hiding, Wyndham Vale owner Alisha Anderson knew something was wrong and took her to Lort Smith Veterinary Hospital.

An X-ray revealed the dog needed surgery to remove a corn cob stuck in her stomach – a procedure costing up to $1000.

“Being a single mum, I didn’t have the money,” Ms Anderson said.

“I was given the hard option to surrender her or have her euthanased. I was a blubbering mess. My kids would never have forgiven me.”

However, the vet suggested the Pet Medical Crisis Fund, a charity that helps cash-strapped pet owners avoid having to put down their animals just because they can’t afford treatment costs.

Alisha Anderson shares a tender moment with her dog, Marley, who was saved by the generosity of others.

The fund, which relies on donations, provided a $500 deposit for Marley’s emergency surgery.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have Marley,” a grateful Ms Anderson said.


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