Lee is a Disability Pensioner who suffers from diabetes and is vision impaired- he can see the outlines of people but not their faces. Lee loves to help people and he volunteers for the SES and is respected greatly for his contributions. Lee lives Castlemaine with his loving dog ‘Sasha’ a 7-year old chocolate brown Labrador, and a fun-loving naughty cat. ‘Sasha’ was kept as a breeding dog but thankfully was rescued by Lee a few years ago to stop her from having another litter of pups.

‘Sasha’ suffered an aural haematoma and a severe ear infection, which needed to be taken care of quickly before the infection spread. At the same time as doing the surgery for the ear the great vets at Castlemaine decided for her own well being that it would be best to de-sex ‘Sasha’. Lee knew that he would struggle to pay for the procedures needed to help his girl, and that is when Pet Medical Crisis were contacted to help manage the case.

“Sasha is so brainy – she walks beside your front leg and watches over you in case you are going to step in something and guides you away. Her previous owners trained her to help with an autistic person”. Lee told us. After having her surgeries ‘Sasha’ is doing very well. Lee said she’s been by his side the whole time, and he’s very relieved to have his best mate back.

Lee has done a wonderful job with her medications and aftercare meaning ‘Sasha’ has bounced back with loads of energy. Thanks to the Castlemaine veterinary team for the work they have done helping us help Lee and his ‘Sasha’ get through this time.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.