Brittany Shanahan, Berwick Leader

June 27, 2014 12:00am

ROTTWEILER-LABRADOR cross Leon will one day walk again after the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and a local vet tipped in to pay for his surgery.

The Endeavour Hills family pet was left fighting for life after his deformed spinal cord caused him to lose the use of his legs.


The dog’s owner Jenny, who did not want her surname published, was told by two veterinarians it would cost more than $5,000 to save her beloved pet.

But it was a bill Jenny could not afford.

“As a single mum, I could simply not afford all the costs and I didn’t want to put Leon down,” Jenny said.

“He got worse and the vets told me you have to make a decision.

“It was all a bit of a shock because he is so young.”

On Jenny’s third attempt, Dr Arthur House, from the Hallam Referral Centre, answered her prayers.

The Princess Highway vet put Jenny in contact with the Pet Medical Crisis Fund who raised $2,600, in addition to Jenny’s brother’s $1,500 contribution, which left Jenny with $2,000 to pay for the operation.

Support from Dr House, the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and the Facebook community, has blown Jenny away.

“It has been incredible for us, particularly the kids, to know that other people supported us,” she said.

“Leon is a mate for Jess and Olivia, a guard dog and a protector of the house.

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