Rachel Flaherty, Berwick Leader,

January 15, 2013 3:31pm

MARIA Kljuce has given all she has to save a chicken that does not lay eggs from certain death.

Ms Kljuce, of Endeavour Hills, said she rescued the hen with five others from starvation and named her ‘The Smart One’.

“She has always stood out as more intelligent than the others,” Ms Kljuce said.

“The Smart One follows the dogs (and) can spot easily if there’s a way out in the fence. She’s very clever.”

But, after a few days, Ms Kljuce said she noticed her pet chicken was not eating.

She brought her to to Dr Phil Sachs in Burwood, who found dog pellets stuck in its neck.

Surgery was about $600, which Ms Kljuce could not afford. Dr Sachs halved the surgery’s fees, Ms Kljuce chipped in $150 and the Pet Medical Crisis Fund covered the rest. “She’s the only one that doesn’t lay eggs, but I love her,” Ms Kljuce said.

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