Single Mum Rachel moved to a big beach house in San Remo with her little girl and her dogs. After working for years in promotions/modeling Rachel wanted to do what she felt was more meaningful work to make a difference in the community. After doing some work for a NFP group in community care she was living the life of her dreams with her little girl Chelsea and their dogs.

‘Meeka’ one of her dogs developed a lump on her gum when she was 2 and has had several operations already as the issue seemed never-ending. One day out of the blue Rachel felt numbness in her legs and soon found out the issue was very serious. Rachel was diagnosed with neural spinal stenosis, discogenic disease/ Osteoarthritis in 4 points in the spine, this meant now she could not work and needed to move closer to a city where she could get the help required in Frankston.

“Meeka is my companion, my baby. Chelsea always said Meeka was her dog……….
I agreed but knew l was the one she curled up to each night. My disability forces me to now use a walking stick, crutches, grabbers and a shower chair.l am mostly housebound, and doing daily life is difficult. My little dogs are my only friends since moving to a new area.”

‘Meeka’ continues to fight with her health issues as does her brave mum Rachel, but it has now become the dire situation that part of ‘Meeka’s’ jaw needs to be removed to help her stay alive. PMC feel honoured to be able to help manage this case along with the wonderful and caring team at SAH led by Drs’. Marcus, Nick, and Karin.

“I love Meeka so much, she is like a support dog now l have a chronic illness…(she comforts me when l cry) Financially l am struggling now on Newstart. It is more than tough. I thank the Pet Medical for being a Godsend. Without you, l would still be feeling alone, and my poor puppy.. well l do not like to think about that. You have restored my faith in humans, and will be forever grateful for such a caring and compassionate organisation.” Said the forever grateful Rachel.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.