Joyce is a remarkable 78-year old pensioner who has more than her fair share of sadness. After the loss of her husband Ken, almost 5 years ago, she has relied on her beautiful little solider ‘Cuddles’ for love support and companionship.

‘Cuddles’ was first adopted when he was only a 6-week old puppy, but that was 13 years ago and now the puppy that was is an older gent but still as loving and cute as ever. While Ken battled critical health issues ‘Cuddles’ wouldn’t leave his side, in fact, one night as Ken stopped breathing ‘Cuddles’ was found on his chest bouncing up and down, eventually, it revived the older man.

“When ‘Cuddles’ was a puppy he used to sleep in the pockets of my husband’s dressing gown. He was so small you couldn’t tell which end was his head and which was his bum.” The wonderful Joyce told us at PMC.

Joyce has been in hospital and only very recently released as she recovers. Joyce noticed that her boy was all of a sudden very thirsty and seemed to be quite sick. ‘Cuddles’ is now unwell and was has a leak in a valve in his heart, this meant the kind-hearted pensioner whose financial position wouldn’t allow her to save her best friend from being put to sleep. If not for the amazing kindness from the team at Community Vets Braeside, and one of the amazing volunteers helping PMC Michelle, who has been picking Joyce and ‘Cuddles’ up to get her to her appointments it would have been one of the saddest goodbyes possible.

Pet Medical Crisis was asked to help manage and assist in the payments for the treatment of the adorable pooch, which we didn’t hesitate to do. ‘Cuddles’ has still got a long way to recover but we feel thankful we are able to give Joyce the chance she deserves to repay ‘Cuddles’ for his life long service and love to her and her late Ken.

A giant thank you to Michelle for the incredible compassion and generosity you showed to help and the most important group of professionals, the vets and staff in care.