‘Xanda’ is a Ragdoll X kitten, about 8 months old. Although his adopted family hasn’t had him that long he has made a huge impact on them and their mental health.

“He has the nicest personality I have ever seen, every night he comes to bed talking, cuddles up to us so he means everything to us all!” Dylan the soon to be father said.

The Kitten was treated at Passionate Vet Clinic in Bendigo for crucial constipation but failed to move the mass needed. This meant the far more expensive treatment to help would require a general anesthetic. Dylan tried to pay as much as he could but he needed help, and that help, as it so often is was PMC. Bridging the pay gap and managing the case meant that the kitten was able to get the treatment desperately needed to get him well once again. Thank you, Passionate Vetcare for the stellar work.