Vet – step 4 no 2 | Pet Diagnosis | Plan of care

So your pet hasn’t been diagnosed & you don’t have a plan of care for your pet

Please contact your vet for a consultation, to get a plan of care. This should include a quote on the amount required for the care going forward.

Please discuss your financial constraints with your vet before entering into a contract of care you cannot afford. Applications received after treatment have been provided cannot be considered.

Vets are asked to consider discounting the cost of treatment to at-cost for charitable cases. 

The Vet discounts the cost of care;

The Owner pays as much as they are able;

The charity aims to bridge the gap up to $1,000 for suitable cases.

Owners and vets are asked to provide clear photos & / or 10-15 sec videos of the pet looking at the camera for PMC to use on social media..