Pet diagnosis | Plan of Care | Financial Issues

Your pet has been diagnosed & you have a plan of care for your pet and have discussed financials with your vet.

Vets should be informed that there is a need to apply for charitable assistance to help this pet.

Please bring the website and the ’NEED HELP?’ application process link to their attention.

We ask the following to help all parties:

The Vet is asked to apply a discount to the cost of care – at cost if possible so public donations can stretch as far as possible.  Pet Medical Crisis ensure vets have an alternative to euthanising, get paid directly by us and do not have to work at a loss.

The Owner is asked to pay as much as possible.

The charity aims to bridge the gap between the best price the vet can offer and what the owner can pay, up to $1,000 for suitable cases.

Owners and vets are asked to provide clear photos & / or 10-15 sec videos of the pet looking at the camera for PMC to use on social media..

Owners are asked to support the charity’s work by helping raise awareness of our work, thanking the vet and enabling donations to be made to assist future cases.  This is done by consenting to the use of photos, relaying their social story (within their privacy requirements) and often in doing a story for the local newspaper once the pet is recovered or to generate funds for the case.