‘Barnaby’ has been suffering substantial tooth rot in several teeth, along with an ongoing chronic eye condition for some time. His mum, Marj who has had her own battles with cancer and a stroke has struggled to get the right care for her little bloke.

“For me, pets are family members. They are a companion who is totally forgiving, adding light and shade to each day…Life is much emptier without them..” Said Marj

Marj has loved and cared for her dog ‘Barnaby’ since he was a young pup in East Ringwood and can think of nothing worse than losing him for the sake of lack of money. PMC has managed the case and worked with the generous Dr. Green from Heathmont Vet and his staff to get ‘Barnaby’ fixed and home again.

UPDATE: December 2019-

‘Barnaby’ had to have 14 teeth removed but is now home and recovering pain free with his mum.

(Below is the message Marj so kindly wrote for us.)

Hello to all!
Many of you will know of my concern about Barnaby’s need for some serious vet attention and my inability to do anything about it.
I searched online frequently searching for ways I might help him. Feeling great guilt and often hopelessness with the situation.
I knew his teeth were rotten… because his breath was!

Then a few weeks ago I miraculously found this web site. I looked into it..and checked the help heading and saw
what was required and followed through. As did Peter Green at Heathmont Animal Hospital. The application was approved and yesterday
Mr. B became almost toothless. Peter and his team were Wonderful. Barnaby is returning to good spirits and beginning to eat.

This is all due to the wonderful Jennifer Hunt and her vision to start the above charity. Without it, I could do nothing. And to Peter and his team.
My heartfelt thanks to both.

Check out the charity webpage. You may know someone who needs it…and someone who wants a VERY worthwhile charity to contribute to.
(All donations are tax-deductible and every $ goes into the charitable fund)
They Hope to go nationwide in 2021

The photos show The Patient…and his teeth. A gummy smile from now on!
Blessings to all

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


‘Xanda’ is a Ragdoll X kitten, about 8 months old. Although his adopted family hasn’t had him that long he has made a huge impact on them and their mental health.

“He has the nicest personality I have ever seen, every night he comes to bed talking, cuddles up to us so he means everything to us all!” Dylan the soon to be father said.

The Kitten was treated at Passionate Vet Clinic in Bendigo for crucial constipation but failed to move the mass needed. This meant the far more expensive treatment to help would require a general anesthetic. Dylan tried to pay as much as he could but he needed help, and that help, as it so often is was PMC. Bridging the pay gap and managing the case meant that the kitten was able to get the treatment desperately needed to get him well once again. Thank you, Passionate Vetcare for the stellar work.

PMC helps Max

Chantelle is on DSP and has not had the easiest of lives but one thing beyond all else helps to make her world bearable – her pets.

She has faced near-homelessness and loneliness bravely for years. Getting the department of housing and keeping her pets Azthma and Max with her was a challenge but her bond with these guys was essential to her wellbeing.

When Max was vomiting and passing fresh blood on Friday Chantele reached out to PMC who facilitated Max’s urgent care at Lort Smith. A dose of antibiotics and chicken & rice diet for a week settled his bleeding.

Cases like Chantelle’s bring to mind the hardship many in our community suffer due to circumstances beyond their control (living entirely on DSP or pensions).

Chantelle cannot afford extras such as vaccinations or routine care and has been told she should not have pets. We disagree as the benefits to Chantelle and her wonderful care of her pets is obvious and the benefits to pensioners of pet ownership are well documented

With a little support, we can achieve much for owners like Chantelle. Thanks too to Gillian B. whose lovely dog Manouh we helped in 2010. Gillian is paying for Max and Chantelle’s other dog Asthma to be vaccinated. Glad we were able to help with the crisis darling.

5 yo Dino isn’t renown for being a fighter and has had a pretty rough start to the day.

When his disabled Mum found him in the back yard he had severe injuries and couldn’t walk. Dolovan, who is carer for his disabled mother, has seriously limited funds at the moment and things were looking very grim.

Dino has been Dolovan’s best friend and has seen him through mental health problems after his father passed away 6 years ago. Struggling with life, Dino made everything better and Dolovan is devotedly indebted to his best friend. He was devastated that their other 7yo usually placid Staffy was to blame for the attack.

After getting Dino to Essendon Fields Vets he was initially given a very poor prognosis and without treatment would certainly die.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted and stepped in to do what we do best.

Dino was transferred to Lort Smith Animal hospital for ongoing care. The family was unable to pay for his care at Lort Smith and we thank our very kind donors who have assisted the family in paying part of the Lort Smith fees.

Sadly Dino passed away and our deepest sympathy to Dolovan

Laury from Kalorama was desperate to get her best friend the surgery she needed to get her free from pain.

“We did not expect to enter ageing as a poor person. Tilly is my angel who has helped me so much in overcoming PTSD. She reads my mind and doesn’t like separation… she likes to know what’s going on.

She is ageing but seems to have the endurance for a much longer life…. she is my very good friend. It is so sad for many aged pensioners in this day and age to not be able to afford to have a pet due to vet fees making it out of reach for lonely people to have a companion.

Thank you so much for your support… my hope in humanity has been renewed. It is truly lovely and humbling to meet with kind humans.”

So pleased all has gone well dear ladies. Lovely to see you both reunited in health.

Laury let us know too that “It is very sad there are many beautiful pets at Animal Aid hoping for adoption.” If you are looking for a wonderful companion please save a life here:

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Another heartwarming story at Pet Medical Crisis.

Xena was revived at birth, hence her being named after the Warrior Princess.

Now 11 years old, Xena loves a cuddle and to play. Mum Nette has been struggling to make ends meet and one day, Xena was diagnosed as having a massive bladder stone.

Unable to afford the cost of treatment for her girl, PMC stepped in and did what we do best. With the help of Drs Jess Holckner and Ben Porter at Dromanas Peninsula Vetcare, Xena had life-saving surgery and we are delighted to say it was well enough to go home after a couple of hours.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Kangaroo Vet and recently separated single mother of 3, Zarleeh let us know Batman was in trouble after his surgery!

6yo Tyannah had chosen Batman from a friend’s litter 4 years ago and they were best friends from the beginning. Throughout her ups and downs with ADHD, Tyannah has had the best medicine of all – cuddles with her Batman.

At home during a regular week, Batman plays with his rambunctious 1 and 2 year old human brother and sister… His one year old sister’s favourite sayings are “there’s Batman” and “where’s Batman”.

Batman is a very happy active cat, but one day they noticed that he wasn’t himself so rushed him to the vet who felt his belly and gave them devastating news that he had a blocked bladder.

Batman had to go straight to theatre and the cost of surgery was discounted to a very generous $500 dollars.

Being a single Mum creating a safe environment for her 2 ands 4 legged kids has made coming up with the money very hard. Providing medication and special food to prevent Batman blocking again was impossible.

Pet Medical Crisis donated $100 to provide medication and the right diet to ensure Batman has the best chance at a full recovery.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Single Mum Jane has always looked after herself, family and her pets. Bucks had suffered from dental issues before that caused him incredible pain that can kill dogs, but Jane was able to pay for him to be saved.

After suffering some horrendous financial setbacks that were vital for her, Jane once again found her little buddy at the mercy of his own teeth. Due to her life circumstances, Janes’ mental health had suffered as did her financial situation, but Bucks was in serious need of dental work once again.

Here is a clip of Jane and her boy Bucks playing games.

Jane contacted PMC on our website and asked for our help. With the assistance of the amazing and generous team at Southern Animal Health,​ they discounted as much as possible and PMC picked up the entire bill for the grateful mum. He needed 14 teeth taken out and is now a one-toothed wonder!

After seeing the vets at Hallam park animal hospital Rauf knew the urgent surgery was well beyond their financial capacity and contacted us at Pet Medical Crisis. ‘Schu’ was unable to eat, barely able to function in the most basic ways, which was breaking the compassionate owner’s hearts to watch.

Rauf has had a chronic health issue for years. Having no family and very few friends he and his wife love their cat ‘Schu’ dearly. The affectionate cat has had previous health concerns needing an amputation of a precious leg, and now due to severe dental issues he was once more struggling as were his desperate owners.

’Schu’ was admitted for surgery yesterday and after a brief recovery, he was hungry and able to finally eat once again. “God bless you! I will always remember you.” Rauf repeated through tears of joy while hugging his beloved boy again. Grateful for the discounted costs from the team at Hallam Park Animal Hospital, PMC covered the outstanding amounts.

Lisa is a single mum of two teenagers, one of whom has an intellectual disability. Lisa has a carer’s allowance but it doesn’t go very far. The family bills, as they often do, have pilled up to the point every cent counts like it’s her last. Her other baby is ‘Lulu’ a 4-month old Pomeranian who she loves like one of her kids, Lulu is so small that she wears a cat bell so the family can find her.

Last week when her young daughter picked up ‘Lulu’ to give her a cuddle, the excited dog leaped from her arms and landed hard on the deck leaving the pooch in terrible pain.

Lisa rushed down to the local vets – Essendon Fields accident emergency. After the x-rays, Lisa was informed ‘Lulu’ had badly broken both bones in her front leg and if she wasn’t to do the vital operation needed she would potentially need an amputation. With growing vet costs, even with the partial discount from the practice, Lisa knew she had one chance to save her little girl – Pet Medical Crisis.

PMC donated the maximum amount we could and with the donations from our PMC community, Lulu is safely back with her family.