May 3rd, 2019 12:00am

PMC – CASE 506

Judith from Ocean Grove is an elderly pensioner who lives with profound deafness and is supported immensely by the unconditional love of her cherished pet, Milo, a cheeky 12-year-old Maltese.  One of Milo’s greatest gifts is the fact that he barks to alert Judith of visitors at the door.  For the past few months Judith and Milo have received home care and social veterinary assistance from the wonderful team @Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care headed by Dr Alicia Kennedy.  Milo has for a long time suffered from serious allergies and ear problems that require regular treatment and monitoring.

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April 23rd, 2019 12:00am

3AW interview – Vegas and Dennis Walters

Afternoon radio has one of the truly great voices in Victoria in more ways than one. Dennis Walters, the host of the very popular and long running 3AW 12- 3 pm show was awarded his Order of Australia Medal in 2015 for services as a singer, entertainer and broadcaster.

On the Wednesday afternoon shows Dennis is joined by the dog behavioural expert Laura V. Laura is a leader in her field which includes Animal Science, education, psychology and archaeology.

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April 11th, 2019 12:00am

PMC – CASE 504

Our 504th case is 6mo Kelpie Tank D’Cruza. PMC assisted with surgery for Tank’s brother Mate 4 weeks ago (same bilateral femoral head osteotomy surgery) and while we are a 1-off crisis fund the case was approved for extenuating circumstances.

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Brittany Shanahan, Berwick Leader

June 27, 2014 12:00am

ROTTWEILER-LABRADOR cross Leon will one day walk again after the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and a local vet tipped in to pay for his surgery.

The Endeavour Hills family pet was left fighting for life after his deformed spinal cord caused him to lose the use of his legs.


The dog’s owner Jenny, who did not want her surname published, was told by two veterinarians it would cost more than $5,000 to save her beloved pet.

But it was a bill Jenny could not afford.

“As a single mum, I could simply not afford all the costs and I didn’t want to put Leon down,” Jenny said.

“He got worse and the vets told me you have to make a decision.

“It was all a bit of a shock because he is so young.”

On Jenny’s third attempt, Dr Arthur House, from the Hallam Referral Centre, answered her prayers.

The Princess Highway vet put Jenny in contact with the Pet Medical Crisis Fund who raised $2,600, in addition to Jenny’s brother’s $1,500 contribution, which left Jenny with $2,000 to pay for the operation.

Support from Dr House, the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and the Facebook community, has blown Jenny away.

“It has been incredible for us, particularly the kids, to know that other people supported us,” she said.

“Leon is a mate for Jess and Olivia, a guard dog and a protector of the house.

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Christian Tatman, Frankston Standard Leader

November 22, 2014 12:00am

Helen Wade with her border collie Cassie. Picture: Tanya Fry.
Helen Wade with her border collie Cassie. Picture: Tanya Fry.

WHEN Helen Wade first set eyes on playful pooch Cassie, she knew the then five-month-old border collie was the right fit.

The Langwarrin woman was looking for a mate for her Maltese cross Toby and Cassie’s gentle nature was the recipe for a paw-fect union.

But a niggling worry about what Ms Wade ­described as a “washing machine sensation” near Cassie’s heart confirmed her worst fears.

Just over a year after bringing Cassie home, tests found the dog had a hole in the heart and would die within two years without ­urgent surgery.

An animal lover, Ms Wade was reeling over both the ­diagnosis and the cost of surgery, which ran into thousands of dollars.

But a plea to the Pet Medical Crisis Fund saw the ­organisation kick in $1000 to make the surgery possible.

The fund helps pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who cannot afford surgery to keep their pet alive.

Fund head Jennifer Hunt said Cassie was an important part of Ms Wade’s life.

“They saved Cassie’s life. That was a lot of money to come up with,” Ms Wade said.

Both Ms Hunt and Ms Wade praised vet Richard Woolley for his work to save Cassie’s life.

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