We’re here to help

We understand this is a stressful time, so please help us to better understand your circumstances by reading about our process and filling out the questions below.

At present, we only offer support in the state of Victoria. However, our intention is to grow to all of Australia in the future.

Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) is a registered charity on a mission to support pensioners and vulnerable pet owners to take care of their companion pets in Victoria. By contributing to vital veterinary care for loved family pets and providing crisis care support, PMC aims to keep best friends together.

PMC are not veterinarians and any communication is only general. Please check with any treating vet to ensure you are happy to use their services for your pet.

If it is a time-critical-emergency (eg. fractures, car accident, overwhelming infection, bleeding, unresponsive pet etc) please ensure your pet receives urgent veterinary care. Your application may require some time for us to process. Veterinary clinics can also apply on behalf of clients for urgent cases.

Financial support is reserved for treatment

Applications to PMC must be made prior to a pet’s treatment.
Sadly we cannot assist all cases and pets need to have a reasonable prognosis.
Please note we are not able to contribute to veterinary costs for consultations and diagnostics.

The process:

  1. THE VET PRACTICE has knowledge &/or evidence of the pet owner’s genuine financial hardship (ie is in receipt of Centrelink Benefits or similar).
  2. THE VET PRACTICE must ensure that the pet owner has exhausted all other avenues of funding (eg. using savings, loan from family and friends, Centrelink loan, loan agencies… VetPay, AfterPay, OnePay, Good Money…etc. Clients with a case-manager (eg. social worker) can ask them to apply on the owner’s behalf to other charities such as Pets of the Homeless or Pets in the Park or Cherished Pets (Geelong).
  3. THE VET PRACTICE is requested to discount their fees / provide hardship-consideration to assist in creating a solution for the client.
  4. THE OWNER must show evidence of their Centrelink pension to the treating vet. Owners are asked how much they are able to pay after exhausting other sources of funding (and still being able to pay rent, utilities, food…)
  5. THE OWNER is required to provide and share photos or short (20 sec) videos of their pet from their own photos where possible. Owners authorise veterinary clinic staff to provide photos / short videos on the day of treatment for our social media and records.
  6. PMC aims to bridge the gap between veterinary costs and owner’s contribution to a maximum of $1,000 per case when we have sufficient funds available.
  7. PMC makes every effort to make informed and consistent decisions based on the merits of each application. PMC regrets that not all cases can be accepted and does not accept any responsibility for demise of pets or their owners associated with the process. Crisis funds are not intended for repeated use.
  8. PMC put all approvals in writing to all parties, outlining our commitment.
  9. PMC‘s decisions regarding acceptance, denial and/or amount of contribution are final.
  10. Any monies approved by PMC is required to be used as a contribution towards the cost of the treatment regime outlined in the application and not for any other purpose. Any approved funds will be made directly to the vet practice via EFT upon receipt of a tax invoice.

Applications not resolved within 4 weeks will require a new application to be made.

Now that you have read the process above, if you would like to apply for PMC’s assistance, please complete the questionnaire below.