VET – STEP 1 | We’re here to help vets

We understand this is a difficult time for vets and pet owners, however in order to proceed we ask that you complete the following, simple steps, so we can assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At present we only offer support in the state of Victoria. However our intention is to grow to all of Australia in the future. So please leave your details and we shall add it to our database, letting you know all the latest news at PMC.

Process to apply for assistance:

 • The vet practice has knowledge &/or evidence of the pet owner’s financial hardship (ie is in receipt of Centrelink benefits or similar)

 • The vet practice must ensure that the pet owner has exhausted other sources of funding support (ie loan from family/friends, Centrelink loan, loan agencies or other charities)

• The owner is asked how much they are able to pay after they have exhausted all possible sources of funding

• The vet can then request an amount from PMC to bridge the gap between the cost of care and what the owner can provide

• The vet practice is requested to discount the fee charged by way of a charitable contribution and to create a charitable profile for each case

• The maximum amount available from PMC is $1000 per application. Given that funding availability is reliant on donations, not all applications can be approved

• PMC makes every effort to make informed and consistent decisions based on the merits of each application

• PMC’s decision regarding acceptance, denial and/or quantum of contribution is final

• Any money approved by PMC is required to be used as a contribution towards the cost of the treatment regime outlined in the application and not for any other purpose

• Any approved funds will be made directly to the vet practice via electronic funds transfer

• Tax invoices with vet practice Account name, BSB, and Account number should be emailed

• The vet practice must discuss the PMC application process and set appropriate expectations with the pet owner

• PMC accepts no responsibility for the outcome of veterinary treatments or deterioration of pet’s health during the application process

• The Vet has confirmed that all PMC eligibility criteria have been met, including gaining permission from the pet owner to be contacted by PMC at a later date with the view to sharing their story for marketing purposes

• Owners agree to provide photos / short videos and authorise veterinary staff to provide photos / short videos on the day of treatment for social media use