Financial Application | details

You have met the criteria, please fill out the form below and we can start to review your application to see if we can help.

Unfortunately not all applications can be accepted for a variety of reasons.  We require pets to have a reasonable prognosis as determined by their treating vet to ensure the pet can return to a good quality of life.

Applications received after treatment has taken place, cannot be considered.

Most of the people PMC assist are already registered with Centrelink for a healthcare card or pension. To validate the need for charitable assistance we ask owners to show their concession card to their vet. To build a case for a successful application, owners are asked to describe their financial and social circumstances within their comfort and privacy needs. Adding details such as those below can assist us in better understanding the urgency and need for the case’s request:

We don’t want to breach your privacy needs and will not disclose any information without your permission. We just want to better understand your circumstances to see if and how we can assist.  Feel free to fill the details you are comfortable disclosing.