Exhausted all avenues | self-funding?

Have you exhausted all avenues of self-funding?

We’re sorry to say PMC is currently only financial in Victoria but we’re working on that.  

Some of these resources might help.

You may find these are useful resources to assist you.  

This is not an exhaustive list and some creative thinking outside the box might help 

– ask family and friends for a loan – contact Centrelink for an interest free loan from between $500-$1,000 depending on your circumstances

– check your home insurance policy to see if pet illness / trauma is covered- some rescue groups may be able to assist

– breed specific groups / training clubs may be worth asking- Good Shepherd Micro-finance / Good Money / NILS (no interest loan scheme) www.goodmoney.com.au

– RSPCA in your area and request charitable assistance form- Ask the vet if there is a service you can provide them in lieu of care eg. Weeding, cleaning, filing, walking, accounting, etc – think outside the box

– Your local church / council – and let them know you’ll be happy to promote them in the local newspaper when you say ’thank you’- Pets of the Homeless https://petsofthehomeless.org.au

State specific sites

Western Australia:  Perth Vet Bill Assistance  www.perthvetbillassistance.com

South Australia: Pay It Paw-Ward Pet Medical Emergency Fund  www.hsedr.org.au

Dog Adoption Australia – for assistance rehoming pets due to change in circumstances