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Pet Medical Crisis raises funds to assist with the costs of veterinary intervention for companion pets in Victoria, where the pet owner’s inability to fund the care would otherwise result in death or significantly impact quality of life.

NEEDING HELP? Owners and Vets who have pets in need (and where owners have exhausted all other avenues of funding), please click here or on our ‘Need Help‘ link on the Home page to apply.

PUBLIC DONATIONS: Your donation will make a real impact, with our charity aiming to send 95 – 100% of public donations directly to pay at-cost veterinary bills to bring a family member home again. No administration costs are taken by PMC from public donations. You can be confident that your donation is going where you intend.

PARTNERSHIP DONATIONS: PMC aims to dedicate philanthropic grants and partnership / sponsor donations to strengthen the infrastructure of the charity. This means sponsor’s brands are well represented through our marketing and media channels to deliver significant exposure and goodwill. Contributing to PMC’s growth will bring help to more people and their pets across Australia making a significant impact for the entire community.

WANTING TO DO MORE? Whether you donate your time, follow us on social media or give financial assistance, it all helps those that are desperately in need. 

Please click here or on the donate / volunteer enquiries for expressions of interest.

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The Team at PMC.