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Help a family in crisis bring their loved pet safely home.
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Every day, pensioners and families face a crisis no pet owner wants to be in – they can’t afford the veterinary care their best friend urgently needs. Pet Medical Crisis is their last hope of avoiding suffering, surrendering their pet or putting them to sleep, and it’s angels like you who come to the rescue. Your generous support today can save lives and keep families together.

Every cent you give goes to saving pets

Pet Medical Crisis aims to ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to the treating vet’s account to pay the ‘at-cost’ bill. No funds are paid directly to pet owners. No funds from public donations go towards administration costs, so you can be sure your gift makes an impact.

Make a life-changing and even life-saving gift

$10 can provide dental care products to prevent disease and organ damage
$25 can provide ear drops to prevent infections causing permanent damage
$50 can provide antibiotics or prescriptions to manage urinary, gut and skin problems
$100 can provide plaster or splints for breaks and fractures
$250+ can provide emergency surgery to change and save a life
$1,000 can provide lifesaving antivenom for a snake bite

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. And every donation you make has the highest tax benefit available. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive a tax benefit of almost 100%.

Why more pets need more angels like you

It’s all thanks to the kind support of good folk like you that Pet Medical Crisis has been able to help hundreds of loved pets receive the care they urgently need and return home safely to their family. But with the rising cost of living crisis, demand for help has tripled in the last two years and we urgently need more support. Please give what you can to help a loved pet survive and thrive.

How your gift helps a loved pet in crisis

1. You’re alleviating stress for people already dealing with the challenges of debilitating physical and mental illness. People whose pets give them a reason to get out of bed every day.

2. You’re helping disability pensioners and low-income single-parent families give their much-loved pets the urgent care they need when times are tough.

3. You’re providing essential and often emergency veterinary care to improve and save the lives of much-loved family pets.

4. You’re alleviating stress for vets and nurses who want to do their very best to help pets and keep families together.