5 yo Dino isn’t renown for being a fighter and has had a pretty rough start to the day.

When his disabled Mum found him in the back yard he had severe injuries and couldn’t walk. Dolovan, who is carer for his disabled mother, has seriously limited funds at the moment and things were looking very grim.

Dino has been Dolovan’s best friend and has seen him through mental health problems after his father passed away 6 years ago. Struggling with life, Dino made everything better and Dolovan is devotedly indebted to his best friend. He was devastated that their other 7yo usually placid Staffy was to blame for the attack.

After getting Dino to Essendon Fields Vets he was initially given a very poor prognosis and without treatment would certainly die.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted and stepped in to do what we do best.

Dino was transferred to Lort Smith Animal hospital for ongoing care. The family was unable to pay for his care at Lort Smith and we thank our very kind donors who have assisted the family in paying part of the Lort Smith fees.

Sadly Dino passed away and our deepest sympathy to Dolovan

Sometimes we see cases at PMC that really make you grateful for the blessings we have. When we spoke to Diane it truly made us realise the crucial role her dog ‘Shirley’ plays in her life. Diane remembers her early years and finding her dogs providing the love she craved. This forged a tight bond with all the dogs she has had in her life.  Her own family has had their fair share of challenges and throughout Diane has been there to support them.

Diane and her family have always cherished the mental health benefits of pet ownership and Great Danes were a constant in their homes as Diane fostered and rescued them as well as having her own.  When her last dog died, Diane’s daughter bought her a cute Chinese Crested dog she called ‘Shirley’ who had been kept caged for 4 years as a breeding dog.   Their bond was instantaneous.  Soon after however Shirley suffered a damaged ACL in her knee and Diane and her daughter worked in together to pay for the surgery at Fawkner Vet.

But one day, Diane truly hit rock bottom with her financial situation after ’Shirley’ did her other ACL. Reaching out to PMC, along with the discount from Fawkner Veterinary Hospital, we stepped in to help, paying $700 to carry the burden for this brave and proud pensioner. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



It’s hard enough to lose a parent at the age of 16 let alone facing the prospect of losing the same parents’ lovely cat less than two weeks later. Well, young Ryan was looking at this prospect with the family cat ‘Winnie’ needing urgent dental work to keep her from potentially passing too.
Ryan living with his pensioner mum knew the cost for the dental surgery would exceed the strict budget they have to live on. Coming across Pet Medical Crisis Ryan acted beyond his young years and reached out for our help. We gave it to him gladly.

Ryan and his mum got ‘Winnie’ the cat to Gippsland Veterinary Hospital where they looked after her brilliantly. ‘Winnie’ is now happily back at home and Ryan knows his dads’ last wishes were honoured by taking care to make sure his little cat has been looked after. A nice thing to be part of at Pet Medical Crisis 

Winnie is a real tonic for her boy Ryan.
So pleased to have them reunited in health.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Pet Medical Crisis received a plea for help via our online application form. Single Mother Kim from Frankston has 2 gorgeous kids and an 8 yo Staffy called Jack.

“I rescued Jack when he was 15months old. Allegedly he was used for fighting but his soft nature wasn’t suitable to fight, so he was surrendered.”

“My staffy Jack is more than a pet. He has been my rock, my go-to-guy, my emotional support. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD due to a domestic violence relationship we left 5 years ago. Jack has cuddled me in the hardest times and protected me when I’ve been afraid. He is my daughter’s best friend, he hasn’t left her side from the minute she was born.

Jack became unwell and appeared to be in pain. Kim spent 3 days having him seen at 2 vets and finally, a diagnosis of the splenic tumour was given. Unable to finalise payment for his diagnostic tests she was unable to get his urgent surgery done and given the possibility of a spontaneous and catastrophic bleed, he was referred to Lort Smith. Despite their generous discount and payment plan, Kim couldn’t afford the 50% deposit needed.

Pet Medical Crisis organised for Jack to go directly to Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham where he was taken straight into the theatre for a splenectomy. He came through the surgery well but had to go back to surgery as he was bleeding internally.

I want to thank Pet Medical Crisis – just when everything was getting too much you guys called me and sorted everything out. Words can’t describe my gratitude.

Sadly Jack passed away shortly after his 2nd surgery. Kim was relieved to have been able to give her boy a chance thanks to Pet Medical Crisis.

Meet Paris Bartal from Dingley whose single Mum Lisa describes:
“Paris is the heart of our family – waiting by the door when we arrive home from school or work, wherever we go she follows without question. She has taught our friend’s children to respect but not be afraid of dogs. She is loyal affectionate and our beautiful girl.”

Paris was in good health but one day she came to Lisa’s room at 2am wheezing, struggling to breathe and unsettled.

With the help of her son, Lisa got Paris into the car and took her to Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham. She was discovered to have laryngeal paresis and without treatment could suffocate.

The family of 3 kids, Lisa and her mother who is on the aged pension, were in financial difficulties and the option of laryngeal tie-back surgery was beyond their reach. Steroids helped a little but gave just temporary relief. It is now either surgery or euthanasia.

“We want to do everything we can for our Paris. She has always been and still is an awesome dog. But we can’t go ahead without Pet Medical Crisis’s assistance.”

Pet Medical Crisis’s donation enabled her to have laryngeal tie-back surgery at Southern Animal Health and initial signs were that she was able to breathe a lot easier.

The family was delighted to take her home for what would be very precious time together. Unfortunately, she was unable to stop vomiting and had respiratory issues so they sadly took her home yesterday for a final night with her adoring family.

Paris was given her eternal wings the next day at Southern Animal Health surrounded by her loving family.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences Lisa and family.


Meet 9 mo Smokey pictured here before what would be the most tragic of circumstances.

Smokey’s young Mum Jennifer was living with her family in Langwarrin. The family took in a boarder who set fire to the house in his room.

The house burnt down and during the fire little Smokey tragically received burns to his paws, ears and back.

Having lost everything Jennifer couldn’t afford the cost of veterinary care but today realised little Smokey desperately needed help. Carrum Downs Vet contacted Pet Medical Crisis to see if we could support this little guy for his Mum. Smokey has 3rd degree burns to all 4 paws and multiple lacerations and burns.

With a $900 donation from Pet Medical Crisis, Smokey had his wounds cleaned under anaesthetic and silvadine burn cream applied to his paws and wounds. Smokey made a full recovery thanks to PMC.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.