Martine adopted her cat ‘Max’ from the Lort Smith when he was 7 months old. ‘Max’ has been great support for Martine who is on a disability pension. He keeps her mental health, feeling loved and comforted. ‘Max’ got hurt managing to injure his neck and underneath his jaw. The nasty wound needed attention.

Being on a very limited income Martine was very concerned about what needed to be done to help ‘Max’. During the cat’s check up however, it was discovered he had a terrible dental issues and would need some serious teeth extractions to help him going forward. Once PMC were contacted we managed to get the second opinion at our amazing friends from Southern Animal Health, who as always gave our case a very generous discount.

“Max very much helps me with my mental health, he gives me a reason, a responsibility, he’s my flat mate, my best friend, he’s funny, and sometimes moody old man hah… He’s independent and a mummy’s boy. Without out any children, yes he is everything to me. He is my world.” ‘Max’ needed to have four teeth extracted and strong antibiotics for the neck injury. The feline boy can now get back to his mum and hopefully stay out trouble. Thanks to the team at SAH once again your work is so greatly appreciated in supporting our cause.

If you are in need of financial assistance for your pet’s needs or if you want to help pet owners like Max’s fur mum, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help and are happy to assist in any way we can.

‘Bam Bam’ has had a tough life early on. This large boy is a Great Dane Cross who was beaten with everything, including plastic bottles which he still cowers from to this day. After Peta met him by chance at a garage sale she was able to adopt him and change his life.

Because the big boy is very anxious he had developed a very serious ulcer on his leg from licking constantly. After trying to fix it every way she could, Peta realised a vet was now necessary. Suffering from an autoimmune disease Peta is unable to work which makes funds super tight.

The Castlemaine vets were fantastic as always led by Dr .Yvette, thankfully they applied for our help which we offered immediately. “I hate the idea of having to ask for help from anyone, but sadly we don’t have a choice at this point. We love Bam and he loves us and we just want him to be well and happy, after such a rocky start. Thank you for your time ,kindest regards”

Thanks to help from a local rescue group called MAAW also for the huge efforts in helping. ‘Bam Bam’ has been treated Castlemaine Vet Clinic, and is back home recovering and thankfully not licking his wounds. The cruelty he has suffered is all over thanks to the love and kindness Peta and her family have shown him. PMC are very happy to have assisted the case for the big beautiful boy, and we wish him many years with his loving owners.

Terribly injured cat saved by PMC. Shannon adores her animals and her quirky cat named ‘Shadow’ is the apple of her eye. ‘Shadow’ is not sure that he is a cat, he plays with the dogs, play’s fetch and even keeps his head out of the car window when Shannon drives.

‘Shadow’ was missing for several days and Shannon was beside herself with worry, the overly clingy cat hardly leaves her side. After a constant search for him, ‘Shadow’ was eventually found trying to climb his way under the small gap below the roller door. Shannon instantly realised he had been hit by a car and was in terrible pain while being seriously injured.

Due to my two years of unemployment and the extremely difficult challenges I faced during that time. Shannon planned to sell her car to pay for the surgery to save her ‘Spirit’ animal. Shannon had sold all her jewelry and borrow every cent she could from those who had anything they could lend her.

Then she came across a little charity called Pet Medical Crisis. “I would do whatever it takes to get him. The care he needs I by far don’t think that it’s fair he should lose an arm. I can’t come up with a few thousand dollars. But I would never allow that to happen. I was about to sell my car to cover surgery before I stumbled across your site it’s pretty bad.” Shannon said when she applied for PMC help. “I’m actually and always have been a dog person. But when I met shadow the first cat to mutually love me as much as I love him.

Shannon rated her stress levels at 10,000 out of 10 prior to getting PMC’s help. PMC took over managing the case after the application. And getting the very sore cat to the team at Lort Smith for their expert help. The vets did a fantastic job in saving ‘Shadows’ leg and taking care of the other serious injuries he had.

PMC is very happy to say that ‘Shadow’ is now recovering very slowly. And could have ended his life prematurely. Thanks to all those who have helped and continue to help us in our mission.

Single dad Arnold is on a disability pension due to visual impairment. Arnold loves his child, and also his fluffy child who is a six-year-old Half poodle half schnauzer. Arnold first realised that his lovely dog ‘Pep’ was having issues when he was struggling to eat and seemed very out of sorts. The worried dad who is on a very limited pension was desperate to do what he needed to help his best mate.

Arnold took his pup to the Heidelberg vet clinic to get him assessed and see what the issue was. Like 30% of our cases the issue was dentally related, which can turn very serious quickly. The Veterinary team were quick to recognise ‘Pep’ would need to have some very painful teeth removed, Arnold was able to pay some of the bill but knew he would need some help to afford to have the pressing work done. Pet Medical Crisis were contacted and asked for help to get ‘Pep’ all fixed up and out of the dreadful pain he was in.

When Arnold was asked what ‘Pep’ meant to him he quite simply said “He is my best mate.” Well said pretty much covers it all.

‘Pep’ had the work done to fix his winning smile and has now been allowed to head back home pain-free and happy as ever. Arnold is a great guy who just needed a little bit of kindness and help. ‘Pep’ means the world to Arnold, he is a necessary and huge part of his life. PMC is glad to have been able to help and we thank the Heidelberg vet clinic for their help. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Bridget is an aged pensioner who lives alone with her little girl ‘Willow’. It was only a year ago when the Mallacoota resident lost ‘Willow’s’ mother sadly due to being poisoned. As most us know the bushfires destroyed much of the area in Mallacoota and the surrounding areas, what we don’t see is how it has affected its residents and their cherished pets.

“I woke at 3 am the other morning to willow unable to breathe and I really think she needs the help now and I am not in a financial position to give that to her so that’s why I am asking for your help (PMC). I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to willow she is my baby.” Was the message we received at Pet Medical Crisis from a distraught Bridget.

Only a few months earlier Bridget had noticed a lovely story, thanks to Herald Sun , that showed another case Pet Medical Crisis had helped. Thankfully Bridget remembered our name and applied for help.

PMC took control of the case and managed it thanks to Dr. Justin and his team at Pambula veterinary. ‘Willow’ needed work done on her respiratory system along with some dental work to allow her breathing to return to normal. Right now ‘Willow’ is safe but she needs some crucial work in the next six months that will help her throat fully recover, which will be a huge expense. Please donate if you can via our website to help if you can afford it.

‘Willow’ and the lovely Bridget are doing well and very relieved to be together as they continue to rebuild their lives after the worst fires Australia has experienced. In what is a terribly trying time for us we need to remember people are doing it very tough especially in rural areas who were all but destroyed.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



‘Jake’ is a two-year-old jack Russell who is adored by his mother Donna. Donna sadly has very recently been diagnosed with cancer and also suffers from a condition called ankylosing spondylosis, which has meant she is unable to work. Donna has no children and considers her little dog ‘Jake’ to be like her son. The Ringwood woman is a carer for her mother who is also suffering from cancer while her stepfather suffers from respiratory issues. Recently Donna, had her partner James move in with her as the coronavirus has affected his work.

“He is my shadow, my best friend, he is miniature me. He makes me, and everyone around him laugh. Often he stands on his back legs for minutes with ease. His nick-name is “Meerkat ” and he waits for me at the window looking down the drive. It is a very quiet home without him, I am desperately asking for help” Donna said after contacting us at PMC.

Donna took her boy to the Animal Medical Clinic in Boronia after so noticed he was very unwell. ‘Jake’ had ingested some poison that was believed to be snail bait and he was in a great deal of trouble. PMC was contacted to help and manage the case for the family favourite and we were glad to help.

The veterinary practice medicated the little bloke which included blood tests, 3 different shots and several other drugs to help him fight back- and that’s what he did. We are very thankful that ‘Jake’ wasn’t taken from his loving owners over the Easter break and his recovering quite well. The extremely grateful parents of ‘Jake’ have been nothing short of indebted to the assistance received.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



‘Shifu’ is a 9-year-old cat who was adopted when he was a kitten by Sue who suffers chronic pain due to a car accident and a subsequent unsuccessful surgery after it. Sue loves her animals and they make a huge difference to her health and wellbeing. The Doveton mother is married and has adult kids so her animals are even more important to her than ever.

Sue noticed that her kitty had developed a severely sore eye and got him to the team at Hallam Park Animal Hospital. After seeing Dr. Avron Woolf, the great doctor said ‘Shifu’ was greatly in need of surgery due to an eye ulcer. Sue knew that with the pension she receives she would be unable to afford the eye operation, so she contacted us at PMC. After finding out that Sue wasn’t unable to borrow money or get any other help from family or friends Pet medical Crisis joined to help manage the case.

“I really can’t thank you at Pet Medical Crisis for your charitable help in our hour of need.” Sue told us.

The adult cat is now at home with his sibling and family as he recovers from the operation well. Thanks to the Hallam Park Animal Hospital for all their assistance and care especially Dr. Avron Woolf in getting ‘Shifu’ fixed so quickly and carefully.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Joyce is a remarkable 78-year old pensioner who has more than her fair share of sadness. After the loss of her husband Ken, almost 5 years ago, she has relied on her beautiful little solider ‘Cuddles’ for love support and companionship.

‘Cuddles’ was first adopted when he was only a 6-week old puppy, but that was 13 years ago and now the puppy that was is an older gent but still as loving and cute as ever. While Ken battled critical health issues ‘Cuddles’ wouldn’t leave his side, in fact, one night as Ken stopped breathing ‘Cuddles’ was found on his chest bouncing up and down, eventually, it revived the older man.

“When ‘Cuddles’ was a puppy he used to sleep in the pockets of my husband’s dressing gown. He was so small you couldn’t tell which end was his head and which was his bum.” The wonderful Joyce told us at PMC.

Joyce has been in hospital and only very recently released as she recovers. Joyce noticed that her boy was all of a sudden very thirsty and seemed to be quite sick. ‘Cuddles’ is now unwell and was has a leak in a valve in his heart, this meant the kind-hearted pensioner whose financial position wouldn’t allow her to save her best friend from being put to sleep. If not for the amazing kindness from the team at Community Vets Braeside, and one of the amazing volunteers helping PMC Michelle, who has been picking Joyce and ‘Cuddles’ up to get her to her appointments it would have been one of the saddest goodbyes possible.

Pet Medical Crisis was asked to help manage and assist in the payments for the treatment of the adorable pooch, which we didn’t hesitate to do. ‘Cuddles’ has still got a long way to recover but we feel thankful we are able to give Joyce the chance she deserves to repay ‘Cuddles’ for his life long service and love to her and her late Ken.

A giant thank you to Michelle for the incredible compassion and generosity you showed to help and the most important group of professionals, the vets and staff in care.

Chronic pain is often unbearable even when the rest of the world you live in is going perfectly. Imagine feeling constant pain leaving you unable to work for years, due to being a passenger in a car accident that rendered you unable to work. Needing back surgery Jennifer took the chance to do what she could, however the problem only got worse post operation. Luckily in this hard luck story we have a pair of heroes ready to save the day. ‘Joey’ is a 15-year-old Jack Russel x Pomeranian girl and ‘Fergus’ is 12-year-old whippet boy.

“My pets have saved your life, if I didn’t have them and their comfort I don’t think I would have coped. They are my family, my kids. I can’t tell you how much your help has meant to me”. Jennifer told team PMC.

‘Joey’ and ‘Fergus’ are all the beauty in the world to Jennifer as she struggles with her back, along with mental wellness issues from head injuries that occurred in the same accident. Jennifer lives with her mum who is and aged pensioner while they struggle to pay the bills that accumulate quickly when you only receive the most basic payments.

Jennifer first noticed that ‘Fergus’ who is slightly built at the best of times, had lost weight and wouldn’t eat his dry food. At the same time ‘Joey’ stopped eating also and seemed unwell. Jennifer, the budding author, knows how deadly serious dental issues can be so she took them to the GAWS veterinary surgery in Geelong. After assessing that the pair of the dogs both needed some fairly urgent dental work, especially ‘Fergus’ Jennifer and the team at GAWS reached out to us at PMC. Thankfully we were able to assist managing and financing both dogs to be taken care of and returning to their normal life free from pain and danger.

Thanks to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society team for helping out, I am sure we will work with you again. Please share our mission where you can and help us grow- social media does help our organisation assist more people every week.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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