Rebekah has had some very tough and traumatic times in her life. The one thing that has truly helped her is her favourite thing a staffy boy named ‘BJ’. ‘BJ’ is a kind lovely dog that has made Rebekah’s life so much better. Suffering from PTSD is always a challenge to say the very least, so having her wonderful little boy to calm her has been critical for the mental wellbeing of Rebekah.

Rebekah noticed her boy ‘BJ’ was limping heavily and was in a great deal of distress and pain and rushed him to the local vets for diagnosis. After hearing that ‘BJ’ had what appeared to be a Ruptured Cruciate Ligament which would cost between $3000-$5000 she knew she was in trouble. Knowing that there was no possible way she could afford the much-needed surgery Rebekah reached out for the help of Pet Medical Crisis.

After PMC assessed the case we went to our dear friends at Southern Animal Health to get a second quote, and, as usual they offered a far better price strictly to help the charity.

“I can not imagine my life without him in it. If I had to put him to sleep because I couldn’t find the money then it would break my heart. Words cannot express the pain I would feel if he was gone.” Rebekah shared with us and we feel the same about our pets.

Once Marcus and the gang at SAH got ‘BJ’ in for the surgery Rebekah felt a huge amount of relief and stress lift off her shoulders. ‘BJ’ has now been sent home as he recovers well and continues to help his mum feel better on a daily basis.

Dogs make such a huge difference in our lives and are often necessary to human health and well being. PMC are so please we could help Rebekah save her little buddy and we are so very thankful for the great-continued work from SAH.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Narla needed the other leg fixed so she could support her loving dad Paddy who suffers muscular atrophy and is wheelchair-bound. Paddy adores ‘Narla’ and she makes a world of difference to his wellbeing. PMC raised funds to help pay for the surgery.
After she damaged both of her knees, needing ACL operations on the pair it looked tough for us to raise the money needed for the expensive second surgery. Thanks to the always compassionate and generous team at Southern Animal Health along with another game-changing donation from the ridiculously kind Mr. Rob Curtain ‘Narla’ appears to be recovering very well.
“She is doing well but pretty drugged up. The operation went really well I go back in 4 days thanks so much.” Paddy said after the operation.
Pet Medical Crisis is so grateful for the wonderful support we receive from all our wonderful donors every cent helps our cause.

Rebecca had to stop working due to her Grand-fathers illness. Being on a part time carer’s pension has meant that money has been extremely tight for Rebecca. When Rebecca’s 7-year old best friend, ‘Kat’, a cat, got awfully ill with a blocked bladder it looked very grim.

After Rebecca noticed that ‘Kat’ was urinating blood she knew a vet was required and off to the Ballarat Veterinarian Clinic they went. Discovering the bladder needed to be taken care of urgently and having no means to afford the procedure Rebecca got in touch with us at team PMC to ask for help.

“I have had this wonderful cat for 7-years, I have lived alone for a long time and he has been a best friend to me. It saddens me that I can’t pay to help him with this bladder problem.” Rebecca said.‘Kat’ had his bladder drained via needle to stabilise him, then a GA to fix the blockage. ‘Kat’ was hospitalised for a few nights as he recovered with the great staff at Ballarat Veterinarian Clinic.

Now safe and sound back at home ‘Kat’ is recovered and doing very well. Thanks to all involved and we wish Rebecca many more years of happiness with her black cat-‘Kat’!

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Lee is a Disability Pensioner who suffers from diabetes and is vision impaired- he can see the outlines of people but not their faces. Lee loves to help people and he volunteers for the SES and is respected greatly for his contributions. Lee lives Castlemaine with his loving dog ‘Sasha’ a 7-year old chocolate brown Labrador, and a fun-loving naughty cat. ‘Sasha’ was kept as a breeding dog but thankfully was rescued by Lee a few years ago to stop her from having another litter of pups.

‘Sasha’ suffered an aural haematoma and a severe ear infection, which needed to be taken care of quickly before the infection spread. At the same time as doing the surgery for the ear the great vets at Castlemaine decided for her own well being that it would be best to de-sex ‘Sasha’. Lee knew that he would struggle to pay for the procedures needed to help his girl, and that is when Pet Medical Crisis were contacted to help manage the case.

“Sasha is so brainy – she walks beside your front leg and watches over you in case you are going to step in something and guides you away. Her previous owners trained her to help with an autistic person”. Lee told us. After having her surgeries ‘Sasha’ is doing very well. Lee said she’s been by his side the whole time, and he’s very relieved to have his best mate back.

Lee has done a wonderful job with her medications and aftercare meaning ‘Sasha’ has bounced back with loads of energy. Thanks to the Castlemaine veterinary team for the work they have done helping us help Lee and his ‘Sasha’ get through this time.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



5 yo Dino isn’t renown for being a fighter and has had a pretty rough start to the day.

When his disabled Mum found him in the back yard he had severe injuries and couldn’t walk. Dolovan, who is carer for his disabled mother, has seriously limited funds at the moment and things were looking very grim.

Dino has been Dolovan’s best friend and has seen him through mental health problems after his father passed away 6 years ago. Struggling with life, Dino made everything better and Dolovan is devotedly indebted to his best friend. He was devastated that their other 7yo usually placid Staffy was to blame for the attack.

After getting Dino to Essendon Fields Vets he was initially given a very poor prognosis and without treatment would certainly die.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted and stepped in to do what we do best.

Dino was transferred to Lort Smith Animal hospital for ongoing care. The family was unable to pay for his care at Lort Smith and we thank our very kind donors who have assisted the family in paying part of the Lort Smith fees.

Sadly Dino passed away and our deepest sympathy to Dolovan