Felicity is a single mum of two girls. She is on a disability pension and hates to ask for help from anyone, let alone a charity. Felicity has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that is rapidly taking her young life from her. So when her baby boy, ‘Jaffa’, a jack Russell cross aged around 13 years developed serious trouble near his bottom and rear end Felicity was at a loss how she would help him.

As the problem got worse for poor Jaffa he began to bleed and suffer great pain, Felicity knew they were in grave danger of losing her long time best friend who means the absolute world to her and her health.

”Jaffa is my closest friend, he waits for me to come home just so he can be next to me as he follows me from room to room. He even guards the toilet door when I am in there.” Said Felicity about her little man.

Felicity took ‘Jaffa’ to her local Vets in Springvale who were unable to offer a reasonable price for a consultation, which left her bewildered and unsure how to proceed. Once Felicity learned about Pet Medical Crisis through Donna, her mental health support, they made contact. PMC suggested she go directly to the beautiful crew at Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham.

Felicity could not believe that Jaffa would also be diagnosed as having cancer. She always thought he’d outlive her. PMC will keep this special couple together as long as possible.

Discovering that ‘Jaffa’ had 3 perianal tumours that needed expensive surgical excision, SAH recommended a specialist referral.“Felicity’s dog is her only companion. Felicity has a terminal illness and cannot afford to pay… Her dog is in great discomfort and is constantly bleeding. It’s just a shame that people don’t realise how important these pets are to their owners mental health, the change the world for them.” Donna a mental health expert said about this case.

‘Jaffa’ had the surgery at Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre who compassionately discounted surgery by 50%. An enormous thank you to Dr Chris Preston at PESC for your kindness and care. And thanks to Donna for assisting in the wellbeing of such a great person.

Indi has 3 very loved pets, all kindly rescued. Indi needs to live week to week due her circumstances, but she realises how important her adoring animals are to her families health and well being. Being in necessitous circumstances means that Indi would do what ever she could to care for her pets, just as she would for the other members of her family. ‘Wallen’ was adopted from the RSPCA along with his best friend ‘Tilly’ because Indi couldn’t bear to separate the pair.

The two cats changed the family Dynamics for the better as soon as they moved into Indi’s house. Indi and her kids have had a tough background and they have found it hard to trust or rely on humans in the past. Being a house filled with pets has meant that this beautiful family is complete and can feel love, safety and comfort.

Indi noticed that ‘Wallen’ was acting very out of character and seemed to be suffering pain. After doing some research Indi’s son suggested that it could be a urinary tract infection and it will kill a cat if not treated. Indi was able to get ‘Wallen’ to the vet at Narre Warren Veterinary clinic where doctor Jon was there to help. Indi is on Jobseeker thanks to COVID-19, and she knew that the costs to save her cat would be beyond what she could afford. After doing some research Indi came across PMC and applied for help.

“I will be working for a future arrangement to help people who adopt pets, people who adopt pets are kind and often not rich, because they always give. It’s wonderful to have something like your organisation (PMC) To seek support in difficult times and I am willing to support and promote.” Said Indi

Dr. Jon and his team treated ‘Wallen’ for three days and gave him what he needed to recover from the infection in the bladder and kidneys. Thankfully ‘Wallen’ has made it back home where he belongs and will soon take up his spot in bed with his compassionate mum.


‘Monty’ is a 12 year old Pomeranian cross who has been with his family for many years. ‘Monty’ is loved dearly by his family, Dad and Wife who are very private people. Both are aged pensioners with health issues. Dad looks after all the home duties as he cares for his wife who suffers chronic post-herpetic-neuralgia. Struggling to make ends meet the couple rely on the love from ‘Monty’ who comforts them both.

‘Monty’ hasn’t been de-sexed and developed a painful and swollen testical that was in need of surgery ASAP. Unable to afford the costs this family contacted to PMC to apply for help to manage the situation and help with the costs.

Mondy’s Dad relies on him for support while he cares for his disabled wife.

“My dad does everything for my mother, cooks, cleans and basically all household duties despite being unwell with diabetes himself. Monty is special to him and without him he’d lose an integral part of what makes him happy. We can only pray that Monty will improve and we are immensely grateful to everyone that has helped us.” The family daughter told PMC.

‘Monty’ the placid soul had surgery and is now home with his family and we are optimistic of a full recovery. Thanks to the vets at Second Chance Animal Rescue for the continued work you do, it is amazing.


Trish is on an aged pension and as we know there isn’t much left over from those payments to do much else other than the basic living expenses.

‘Jade’ is a stunning 12 year old Shelty terrier who Trish adopted once she was no longer able to be a show dog. Trish loves her dearly and can’t imagine her life without the dog as part of her family.

After noticing that ‘Jade’ was barely eating and could barely even touch wet food, Trish knew there was an issue with her mouth and she would have to seek some veterinary advice in order to help the loved dog. Trish took ‘Jade’ to be examined at the Greencross Vet Morwell who were fantastic and managed to help set Trish up on there program which instantly helped her financially, however the entire amount would be beyond what Trish could afford and therefore PMC were contacted to manage the case.

“My pet is my companion. Jade is my life. Without her I would be in a very dark place. If you could, please help.” Trish asked us at Pet Medical Crisis.

‘Jade’ had several teeth extracted and cleaned, which will be vital to her ongoing health. We thank Greencross Vet for the help they have given PMC and ‘Jade’.

Pensioners are a very vulnerable group and the comfort and companionship pets offer is unmeasurable, and that is why we find it so very important to help them give their pets the best they have of survival.

Adam is a loving father and a veteran who suffers PTSD. Adam loves his four kids and the newest member of the family ‘Narla’ an adorable Cavoodle puppy who is eleven weeks old. ‘Narla’ was about to start her training to be a support dog when Adam’s young daughter accidentally stood on the very small puppies foot.

Supporting four kids alone on a veterans pension is very difficult, so when little baby ‘Narla’ was clearly badly injured Adam knew it would be near impossible to afford the treatment required. Adam got ‘Narla’ to the Lort Smith veterinary team for a diagnosis and the fantastic crew there recommended for Adam to reach out for help from us at team PMC.

After going through Adam’s application PMC had no doubts this was one of the most worthy cases we have seen and agreed to manage and help the case. The amazing support the tiny pup has offered already to Adam and his kids is immeasurable, and having her trained to be a support animal will be a huge help as she grows up.

The Lort Smith were a fantastic help and did the procedure to help ‘Narla’ heal as she now recovers with her adoring family. “Yes she is absolutely adorable, a real heartbreaker her eyes will melt anyone’s heart I’m happy to help wherever needed hopefully this will generate more awareness for your organisation” Adam explained to us.


‘Bj’ is a 3yo Staffy who mum Sarah adopted when he was just a young puppy from a breeder. He has had ongoing skin conditions and is on medication, which is very costly. During ‘Bij’s’ last check up the vet found he had a lump on his ear, sadly the lump turned out to be cancerous and very painful.

Sarah from Footscray isn’t working at the moment and has a young daughter who loves ‘Bj’ dearly. As the bills in Sarah’s life have accumulated the living situation for her family has become extremely difficult, she knows how much of a difference having a support dog means to her health.

“My pet means the world to me, he is my support dog he’s really help me through a lot and he really helps my anxiety he is my best friend I wouldn’t be able to live without him and either would my other dog and my daughter, they’re all the best of friends. I would love to get this done to get him back to his happy self.” Sarah said to PMC prior to his operation.

The Lort Smith Vets were wonderful in helping us with this case and now the loving boy is back where he belongs with his family. After a few issues with his stitches we are hopeful ‘Bj’ will make a strong recovery. Thank you to the Veterinary team at the Lort Smith and best wishes to Sarah and her family including ‘Billy’.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Susan is a 58 yo single lady loving near Maffra on a disability pension suffering chronic back pain. Susan loves her little dog ‘Piccolo’ who gives her comfort and companionship helping her mental health greatly. ‘She is only a little tiny wee thing who I got from a friend 10 years ago and loved immediately.

Thank you to Pet Medical Crisis for helping us’. Said Susan.

Susan rents and it is difficult to make ends meet as she lives week to week on her pension. Currently owing money on her car it was impossible for her to afford the dental work on poor little ‘Piccolo’s’ veterinary care. Dental issue can often be life threatening on older dogs when not taken care of correctly.

The Animal Clinic in Maffra were incredible in helping Pet Medical Crisis who were more than happy to assist this lovely pair, reuniting them once again happy and healthy.Thanks to Chris and the team in Maffra. We all wish for the best for Susan and wee ‘Piccolo’.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



‘Cherro’ is a 5-year-old Maltese/Shihtzu Dog who is loved by Brooke her family more than words can describe. Over the last 6 years life for the family has greatly changed, homelessness and ‘Cherro’ missing for weeks just to mention a couple of the traumatic times.

Eventually when the family found ‘Cherro’ thanks to being handed into the local council, the “rock in the family” was back where she belonged giving the family routine and courage. The family noticed that the young dog was very ill, and getting her to the vet ASAP was a must. The Lort Smith Animal Hospital diagnosed ‘Cherro’ with plyometra that would need immediate surgery, which is very common in young female dogs that are not desexed.

PMC were contacted to help manage the case to get the beautiful girl home safely.“We have only just gotten ourselves settled into a home after reoccurring homelessness as a family, and on our feet again with returning to school, getting our life back on track and the thought of loosing ‘Cherro’ our family member, is un fathomable, she is an irreplaceable member of our family. With a very heavy heart, I’m begging for help.” Brooke said to our team.

Thanks to the Lort Smith team for the work and help they have given to PMC and ‘Cherro’. Cherro is now home and although she’s a bit stinky and desperately needs a groom we are told, she is soaking up the love and Brooke, her mum and brother couldn’t feel more grateful to PMC for the assistance and help. Mental well-being can so often be helped by our pets and we are relived to have been contributed.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



When COVID-19 first struck Rodney was at the home of his deceased parents in Warburton, it meant he was unable to get back to his property in Cressy. Since the 73 year olds parents passed away Rodney has been taking care of the property and maintaining it.

Rodney is a single gent and has his loved dog ‘Chooky’ to keep him company. ‘Chooky’ who is a 12-yo-Staffy X who developed a fast growing lump on his hindquarters. Without any income the pensioner was highly stressed at the prospect of being unable to pay to have his dear dog taken care of. As soon as Rodney was able he got ‘Chooky’ to the local vet at Animal Aid in Coldstream for diagnosis and surgery to extract the lump from his left hind leg, which had started to leak fluid. The mass looked likely to be malignant and surgery would be to keep him comfortable if it was done immediately.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted by an associate of Rodney’s asking for our assistance, which we willingly gave.

“The dog is his only companion and he is extremely distressed about the possibility of not being able to attend to her veterinary needs.” Said Rhonda a family friend.

‘Chooky’ had the required surgery to remove the lump and he is up and about again feeling much better. Dr. Tamsen, Sharon and the compassionate team at AAC were fantastic in helping with the case. Thanks to all involved the very grateful Rodney is very relived to have his best mate back at home.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Gimpy is a 6-month old kitten from near Warnambool. His owner Katie a single mum of two doing it tough, noticed that his leg had lost it’s blood supply because the cats mum hadn’t removed the umbilical cord properly from the baby cat. It was around 12 hours later before anyone realised what had happened, by that stage the damage had been done. Without being able to afford to have her cat looked by a vet due to being out of work and unable to receive Centrelink payments, Katie was at a loss.

After trying her best to have the leg cared for it eventually came to the point where it would need to be taken off or the cat would soon need to be euthanized.

“Gimpy is a beautiful little boy, who follows me around the house and my kids tells me if I leave the house he meows at the window for me. There is no way we could have afforded to get Gimpy the help needed if it wasn’t for Pet Medical Crisis’s help, we are forever grateful.” Katie told team PMC so relieved after the surgery.

After getting PMC involved to manage the case, and thanks to the great work from the Lava st Vet Clinic Warrnambool, ‘Gimpy’ was finally able to have the threatening leg removed properly. ‘Gimpy’ survived the operation very well and is now is safe and sound back with the loving family, no doubt feeling much better having the painful leg taken. Thanks to the Lava st Veterinary crew for the work done and help given.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.