5 yo Dino isn’t renown for being a fighter and has had a pretty rough start to the day.

When his disabled Mum found him in the back yard he had severe injuries and couldn’t walk. Dolovan, who is carer for his disabled mother, has seriously limited funds at the moment and things were looking very grim.

Dino has been Dolovan’s best friend and has seen him through mental health problems after his father passed away 6 years ago. Struggling with life, Dino made everything better and Dolovan is devotedly indebted to his best friend. He was devastated that their other 7yo usually placid Staffy was to blame for the attack.

After getting Dino to Essendon Fields Vets he was initially given a very poor prognosis and without treatment would certainly die.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted and stepped in to do what we do best.

Dino was transferred to Lort Smith Animal hospital for ongoing care. The family was unable to pay for his care at Lort Smith and we thank our very kind donors who have assisted the family in paying part of the Lort Smith fees.

Sadly Dino passed away and our deepest sympathy to Dolovan