Rebecca had to stop working due to her Grand-fathers illness. Being on a part time carer’s pension has meant that money has been extremely tight for Rebecca. When Rebecca’s 7-year old best friend, ‘Kat’, a cat, got awfully ill with a blocked bladder it looked very grim.

After Rebecca noticed that ‘Kat’ was urinating blood she knew a vet was required and off to the Ballarat Veterinarian Clinic they went. Discovering the bladder needed to be taken care of urgently and having no means to afford the procedure Rebecca got in touch with us at team PMC to ask for help.

“I have had this wonderful cat for 7-years, I have lived alone for a long time and he has been a best friend to me. It saddens me that I can’t pay to help him with this bladder problem.” Rebecca said.‘Kat’ had his bladder drained via needle to stabilise him, then a GA to fix the blockage. ‘Kat’ was hospitalised for a few nights as he recovered with the great staff at Ballarat Veterinarian Clinic.

Now safe and sound back at home ‘Kat’ is recovered and doing very well. Thanks to all involved and we wish Rebecca many more years of happiness with her black cat-‘Kat’!

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.