When little ‘Stella’ had to have one hip operated on it was very tough, but even tougher when the second hip needed to be done also. Owners Mario and Camilla, who are aged pensioners, love the Miniature Fox Terrier who provides them with comfort and love that is immeasurable.

People understand that the aged pension is very low, so when an emergency such as this arises often the people that deserve the most help rarely get it. That’s is when Pet Medical Crisis steps in to help. Thanks to the brilliance of one of our favourite vet teams at Peninsula Vetcare Rosebud, with Dr.Ben and Dr.Kate, the surgery to help little ‘Stella’ continue her life being pain-free and happy was performed. As you can see in the diagram this looks so straight forward but is a truly incredible procedure that has been performed perfectly.

“We dearly love our ‘Stella’ and she means everything to us,” Camilla said.

PMC is wrapped to know that the older dog is now recovering very well and receiving all the love she deserves from her parents. Thanks so much to all of the wonderful vet staff that make our work so much easier. And thank you for following our mission. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Amelia has suffered many different traumas in her young life and they stem back many years. She has struggled to cope with some of the events and still to this day is triggered badly from the pain she has experienced. The one true thing that helps Amelia is her love for her beautiful dog named ‘Minnie’. ‘Minnie’ has been by her side now for the last few years that have proven to be some of the hardest for her to face, however, the young dog has remained there for her no matter what. ‘Minnie’ is the lifeline for her mum and she helps her cope in a way nothing else can.

Recently ‘Minnie’ was struck by a car and was very severely injured which included an extremely badly broken leg that left the dog in incredible pain. Amelia was able to get her pooch to the vets to find out what could be done to help the sad little dog. The first vet surgery Amelia visited was not as helpful as the young mother needed and after doing so contacted us at Pet Medical Crisis. PMC recommended for Amelia to contact the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, but without wheels or a way there the problem continued. Thanks to Claire a wonderful volunteer for PMC she was able to deliver the dog to the great team at the centre.

Needing immediate surgery that Amelia was unable to afford PMC kicked in the maximum amount we could and then reached out to the public for help. Again the amazing kindness from Mr Rob Curtain from peninsula properties donated the remaining very large bill so that ‘Minnie’ would be able to be saved.

Sadly this event has sent Amelia back into hospital as she recovers at the same time as her lovely dog. PTSD is a cruel and torturous condition and this truly makes us appreciate the value our animals have in our lives.

We are so grateful for all the help and assistance we receive, from the vets to the donors to our volunteers and to or followers.

An enormous thank you to Lort Smith for the great work. Claire for your kindness and time in taking ‘Minnie’ to the Vet and for waiting all day. And to Mr. Rob Curtain you are truly one of the most generous and beautiful people we have ever known you are helping change the world for the better.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Six years ago Lyndal adopted her baby girl named ‘Tiger’ a Bull Arab mix dog. After seeing a sign that a puppy needed to be helped in her local milk bar, Lyndal made a decision that changed her forever. Over the past six years ‘Tiger’ has been there through all the hard moments that Lyndal faced. Through mental health issues and some extraordinarily traumatic times, ‘Tiger’ has been there as the rock that her loving owner has needed. ‘Tiger’ has meant survival to Mum Lyndal and that’s no exaggeration.

Lyndal noticed her pup was not eating, throwing up, eating grass, and was clearly deteriorating in front of her. ‘Tiger’ hadn’t been desexed, and was due to be neutered in July but due to finances, Lyndal had to cancel. Often what happens to female dogs when they aren’t desexed they develop a condition called pyometra which is deadly. ‘Tiger’ was taken to the local vets where she was told ‘Tiger’ needed urgent surgery or she would lose her life. Pet Medical Crisis was contacted and due to the necessitous circumstances, Lyndal was in PMC knew we had to manage the case for ‘Tiger’ to be saved.

“ I looked on the internet for hours after being quoted over $4500 for the operation, and they told me she would be likely to die from infection anyway. That’s when I found you guys (PMC) I filled out the forms on the website and heard back first thing the next morning. She is my everything. She saved my life I suffer from a few mental health issues and ‘Tiger’ is the reason I get out of bed every day. I know I need to feed, take her to the toilet, play, and give her lots of cuddles every day. She keeps me going. She means more than anything to me, I can’t imagine life without her. She is also my therapy dog.” The thankful Lyndal told team PMC showing how fast and important we take these situations.

After getting ‘Tiger’ to the great team at Tullamarine Animal Hospital they were able to operate and help the loving pair get out and reunite. Lyndal is over the moon now that ‘Tiger’ is safe and sound back at home recovering well.

PMC would like to stress the importance of getting your animals desexed not only to stop strays and euthanasia but also for the animal’s health and well being. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Deanne is on a pension, her one true joy is her dog named ‘ Nulla’. ‘Nulla’ is a 9-year-old Maltese cross female who has been with Deanne for her entire life and the pair are inseparable. After ‘Nulla’ was diagnosed with severe dental issues that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, Deanne tried to raise the money to pay for the surgery using a GoFundme
Account, but with the disasters of the bushfires and the Covid-19 virus money was had to come by. After finding Pet Medical Crisis Deanne applied to receive some assistance to help her best friend and support dog.

“I have had Nulla since she was a puppy she is now 9 years old. Nulla and I have a strong bond and are dependent upon each other. I love Nulla” Deanne told our team.

Thanks to the help from the great unit at Murray River Animal hospital Deanne was able to get her little girl some much-needed help. PMC managed the case and made very sure ‘Nulla’ had the best experience possible after she had had some very hard times with vets in the past.

Deanne told us she “Would not have been able to pay for ‘Nulla’s’ surgery and the only other option would have been to say goodbye to her. So the gift from Pet Medical Crisis is the best and will never be forgotten.”

PMC is delighted to have been able to help this loving pair reunite and we hope they have many more years together. Thanks to Ruth and all involved in this case.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



‘Fara’ is a gorgeous girl. The black lab who is now 7 was trained to be a guide dog but didn’t succeed because she loves to play way too much. ‘Fara’ is now a companion dog for Monique suffers from some mental health issues and ‘Fara’ has been an amazing help to her. Monique has lost both of her parents recently and it’s been extra hard on her as her father was her primary carer.

“Fara is my companion dog, she means everything to me. Fara is all I have.” Monique said to PMC.

‘Fara’ suffers from arthritis and also has very long hairs in her ears that have caused infection in the past, but it is the urgent dental problems that sent Monique to the local vets in need of help. The Warby Veterinary Practice was an amazing help to ‘Fara’ and took on the case that Pet Medical Crisis had been asked to manage. Thankfully the adorable Lab had the procedure to help her dental situation and she is now back with her very relieved mum Monique.

Pet Medical Crisis is here to be a service that does more than pay vet bills, we help the owners manage to get through these times. Owners in necessitous circumstances truly need our help, and in order to help we need your support. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



Pet Medical Crisis is here to help pensioners just like Dino save his beloved pet dog ‘Bianca’. ‘Bianca’ is an 8-year-old poodle cross Dino has had from the time she was a pup, in fact, he even had her before that as he also owns her mum. Dino got ‘Bianca’s’ mum from Mildura and when she had puppies Dino was very pleased to have mum and daughter together.

Dino loves his ladies and has special beds for them made of pure wool inside his house. As an aged pensioner Dino has a very small income but has always made sure his dogs are cared for as well as any human, often better. Dino’s wife passed away about 13 years ago and he has been very lonely. Dino is 89-years-old and met his partner 10 years ago. The pair rely on each other for companionship, and the dogs provide them both with love and full hearts.

‘Bianca’ has had terrible breath and great trouble eating, Dino noticed she even lost a tooth very recently which saddened Dino the lovely man. “I feel so bad for her,” said Dino from the Peninsula. Dino took his adoring ‘Bianca’ to the Peninsula Vet Care Rosebud to be looked at, but Dino feared he was not going to be able to afford the cost to help what can often be a death sentence when it comes to dental work and disease.

The incredible team at Peninsula Vet care Rosebud suggested to Dino that he should contact us at PMC to help him. After receiving the application and confirming we could help Dino we managed the case, making sure that Dino wouldn’t need to face the worst scenario. “They are 2 little human beings to me and I talk all day long to them. They understand everything I say – go out to the toilet when I tell them to – they are just great. All my life I have been with animals. If people don’t like animals I don’t like them. They are especially important now as I’m older.” We hear you Dino!

‘Bianca’ needed to have some teeth that were badly decayed removed and some work cleaning to help avoid future issues. Thanks to the compassion shown from the team at Peninsula Vet care Rosebud ‘Bianca’ can now get back home in her comfy woolen bed and be with the ones she loves and makes their lives far better. During this time in the world we understand how hard it is for people and aged pensions the most, so if you can share or donate (see our website for details) please do so. Thanks for your ongoing support we can’t do this without you all.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


Stacey is a single mother of two young children who is now out of work thanks to COVID-19. Along with her other life challenges one of her children suffers autism and has large expenses that come with that.

Stacey believes that the best thing for her child is having their wonderful dog ‘Aria’ there to share support and love. Stacey has had 8 year old ‘Aria’ the Rottweiler girl since she was born and the family adores her.

When Stacey noticed that her loved dog was unwell she took her to our good friends at The Lort Smith to get a diagnosis and see what could be done. After the vets told Stacey that ‘Aria’ had plyometra due to not being de-sexed, she would need an operation to save her life.

The added expense for the treatment and the surgery would be beyond what Stacey could afford, however she knew how much ‘Aria’ means to the family and that she is a very necessary to their well being.

Aria was lucky to survive an infected uterus. PMC recommend desexing to save this problem.

PMC were contacted to help due to the families circumstances and we knew we could make the difference. “She’s our family! I met her when she was moments old and have loved her quirky cheekiness ever since.” Stacey told our team.

Lort Smith vets have since operated on the beautiful Rotti girl and we are told she is home and doing well as she recovers. Thanks to the Vet team for their help and all of you who donate or share our mission it all truly helps strengthen us and bring more help to those who most need it.

Felicity is a single mum of two girls. She is on a disability pension and hates to ask for help from anyone, let alone a charity. Felicity has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that is rapidly taking her young life from her. So when her baby boy, ‘Jaffa’, a jack Russell cross aged around 13 years developed serious trouble near his bottom and rear end Felicity was at a loss how she would help him.

As the problem got worse for poor Jaffa he began to bleed and suffer great pain, Felicity knew they were in grave danger of losing her long time best friend who means the absolute world to her and her health.

”Jaffa is my closest friend, he waits for me to come home just so he can be next to me as he follows me from room to room. He even guards the toilet door when I am in there.” Said Felicity about her little man.

Felicity took ‘Jaffa’ to her local Vets in Springvale who were unable to offer a reasonable price for a consultation, which left her bewildered and unsure how to proceed. Once Felicity learned about Pet Medical Crisis through Donna, her mental health support, they made contact. PMC suggested she go directly to the beautiful crew at Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham.

Felicity could not believe that Jaffa would also be diagnosed as having cancer. She always thought he’d outlive her. PMC will keep this special couple together as long as possible.

Discovering that ‘Jaffa’ had 3 perianal tumours that needed expensive surgical excision, SAH recommended a specialist referral.“Felicity’s dog is her only companion. Felicity has a terminal illness and cannot afford to pay… Her dog is in great discomfort and is constantly bleeding. It’s just a shame that people don’t realise how important these pets are to their owners mental health, the change the world for them.” Donna a mental health expert said about this case.

‘Jaffa’ had the surgery at Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre who compassionately discounted surgery by 50%. An enormous thank you to Dr Chris Preston at PESC for your kindness and care. And thanks to Donna for assisting in the wellbeing of such a great person.

‘Monty’ is a 12 year old Pomeranian cross who has been with his family for many years. ‘Monty’ is loved dearly by his family, Dad and Wife who are very private people. Both are aged pensioners with health issues. Dad looks after all the home duties as he cares for his wife who suffers chronic post-herpetic-neuralgia. Struggling to make ends meet the couple rely on the love from ‘Monty’ who comforts them both.

‘Monty’ hasn’t been de-sexed and developed a painful and swollen testical that was in need of surgery ASAP. Unable to afford the costs this family contacted to PMC to apply for help to manage the situation and help with the costs.

Mondy’s Dad relies on him for support while he cares for his disabled wife.

“My dad does everything for my mother, cooks, cleans and basically all household duties despite being unwell with diabetes himself. Monty is special to him and without him he’d lose an integral part of what makes him happy. We can only pray that Monty will improve and we are immensely grateful to everyone that has helped us.” The family daughter told PMC.

‘Monty’ the placid soul had surgery and is now home with his family and we are optimistic of a full recovery. Thanks to the vets at Second Chance Animal Rescue for the continued work you do, it is amazing.


Trish is on an aged pension and as we know there isn’t much left over from those payments to do much else other than the basic living expenses.

‘Jade’ is a stunning 12 year old Shelty terrier who Trish adopted once she was no longer able to be a show dog. Trish loves her dearly and can’t imagine her life without the dog as part of her family.

After noticing that ‘Jade’ was barely eating and could barely even touch wet food, Trish knew there was an issue with her mouth and she would have to seek some veterinary advice in order to help the loved dog. Trish took ‘Jade’ to be examined at the Greencross Vet Morwell who were fantastic and managed to help set Trish up on there program which instantly helped her financially, however the entire amount would be beyond what Trish could afford and therefore PMC were contacted to manage the case.

“My pet is my companion. Jade is my life. Without her I would be in a very dark place. If you could, please help.” Trish asked us at Pet Medical Crisis.

‘Jade’ had several teeth extracted and cleaned, which will be vital to her ongoing health. We thank Greencross Vet for the help they have given PMC and ‘Jade’.

Pensioners are a very vulnerable group and the comfort and companionship pets offer is unmeasurable, and that is why we find it so very important to help them give their pets the best they have of survival.