Single Mum Jane has always looked after herself, family and her pets. Bucks had suffered from dental issues before that caused him incredible pain that can kill dogs, but Jane was able to pay for him to be saved.

After suffering some horrendous financial setbacks that were vital for her, Jane once again found her little buddy at the mercy of his own teeth. Due to her life circumstances, Janes’ mental health had suffered as did her financial situation, but Bucks was in serious need of dental work once again.

Here is a clip of Jane and her boy Bucks playing games.

Jane contacted PMC on our website and asked for our help. With the assistance of the amazing and generous team at Southern Animal Health,​ they discounted as much as possible and PMC picked up the entire bill for the grateful mum. He needed 14 teeth taken out and is now a one-toothed wonder!

Jo Hall, Channel 9 News

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.

Jo Hall (@Jo_Hall9) · Twitter

May 17th, 2019 11:56pm

Thanks Jo Hall.  Love from all your friends at PMC.



April 23rd, 2019 12:00am

3AW interview – Vegas and Dennis Walters

Afternoon radio has one of the truly great voices in Victoria in more ways than one. Dennis Walters, the host of the very popular and long running 3AW 12- 3 pm show was awarded his Order of Australia Medal in 2015 for services as a singer, entertainer and broadcaster.

On the Wednesday afternoon shows Dennis is joined by the dog behavioural expert Laura V. Laura is a leader in her field which includes Animal Science, education, psychology and archaeology.

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