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Hello, my name is Jennifer Hunt, founder of “Pet Medical Crisis”. In 2009, my Border Collie Jed was eight years old. He was playing with my 4 year old son, James, on the beach, when our world changed. While chasing seagulls, Jed ruptured several discs in his back. This started a series of major operations over three years, each costing many thousands of dollars.

We were so fortunate to be able to afford his treatment and keep Jed with us. Without funds, the only option for Jed would have been euthanasia.

This tragic experience inspired us to establish Pet Medical Crisis in 2010, supporting pensioners / disadvantaged owners to meet the high cost of veterinary care. Since then we have distributed over $1,000,000 to assist hundreds of pensioners to help their emotional support pets with urgently needed veterinary care.

 Jed relied on us to carry his back end in a special sling for 9 years.  He passed away on 17 December 2018 after providing us with untold joy, unconditional love and inspiration.

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