Bam Bam’ has had a tough life.

‘Bam Bam’ has had a tough life early on. This large boy is a Great Dane Cross who was beaten with everything, including plastic bottles which he still cowers from to this day. After Peta met him by chance at a garage sale she was able to adopt him and change his life.

Because the big boy is very anxious he had developed a very serious ulcer on his leg from licking constantly. After trying to fix it every way she could, Peta realised a vet was now necessary. Suffering from an autoimmune disease Peta is unable to work which makes funds super tight.

The Castlemaine vets were fantastic as always led by Dr .Yvette, thankfully they applied for our help which we offered immediately. “I hate the idea of having to ask for help from anyone, but sadly we don’t have a choice at this point. We love Bam and he loves us and we just want him to be well and happy, after such a rocky start. Thank you for your time ,kindest regards”

Thanks to help from a local rescue group called MAAW also for the huge efforts in helping. ‘Bam Bam’ has been treated Castlemaine Vet Clinic, and is back home recovering and thankfully not licking his wounds. The cruelty he has suffered is all over thanks to the love and kindness Peta and her family have shown him. PMC are very happy to have assisted the case for the big beautiful boy, and we wish him many years with his loving owners.

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