Stella’ – The brave girl fights on for the older couple’s well being

When little ‘Stella’ had to have one hip operated on it was very tough, but even tougher when the second hip needed to be done also. Owners Mario and Camilla, who are aged pensioners, love the Miniature Fox Terrier who provides them with comfort and love that is immeasurable.

People understand that the aged pension is very low, so when an emergency such as this arises often the people that deserve the most help rarely get it. That’s is when Pet Medical Crisis steps in to help. Thanks to the brilliance of one of our favourite vet teams at Peninsula Vetcare Rosebud, with Dr.Ben and Dr.Kate, the surgery to help little ‘Stella’ continue her life being pain-free and happy was performed. As you can see in the diagram this looks so straight forward but is a truly incredible procedure that has been performed perfectly.

“We dearly love our ‘Stella’ and she means everything to us,” Camilla said.

PMC is wrapped to know that the older dog is now recovering very well and receiving all the love she deserves from her parents. Thanks so much to all of the wonderful vet staff that make our work so much easier. And thank you for following our mission. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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