‘Pep’ – Pretty boy needed his dental work to get that winning smile back.

Single dad Arnold is on a disability pension due to visual impairment. Arnold loves his child, and also his fluffy child who is a six-year-old Half poodle half schnauzer. Arnold first realised that his lovely dog ‘Pep’ was having issues when he was struggling to eat and seemed very out of sorts. The worried dad who is on a very limited pension was desperate to do what he needed to help his best mate.

Arnold took his pup to the Heidelberg vet clinic to get him assessed and see what the issue was. Like 30% of our cases the issue was dentally related, which can turn very serious quickly. The Veterinary team were quick to recognise ‘Pep’ would need to have some very painful teeth removed, Arnold was able to pay some of the bill but knew he would need some help to afford to have the pressing work done. Pet Medical Crisis were contacted and asked for help to get ‘Pep’ all fixed up and out of the dreadful pain he was in.

When Arnold was asked what ‘Pep’ meant to him he quite simply said “He is my best mate.” Well said pretty much covers it all.

‘Pep’ had the work done to fix his winning smile and has now been allowed to head back home pain-free and happy as ever. Arnold is a great guy who just needed a little bit of kindness and help. ‘Pep’ means the world to Arnold, he is a necessary and huge part of his life. PMC is glad to have been able to help and we thank the Heidelberg vet clinic for their help. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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