Rocky’- A Rottweiler that won’t eat is a bad sign.

Ashley and Adam love their big dog named ‘Rocky’. He is a friendly giant who is great fun and comfort to his family. Adam gave ‘Rocky’ to Ashley as a gift when she was 21 and she has adored him ever since -he is now eight years old. Ashley’s daughter has grown up with ‘Rocky’ who loves her and keeps her safe and happy. ‘Rocky’ has helped Ashley through some very difficult times in her life and he is very necessary and important to her life and wellbeing.

Adam and Ashley noticed that the big fella was struggling to eat, which anyone who knows Rottweilers understands that is far from normal. Soon after noticing he had a lump in his cheek the pair started to worry. The young family knew they had to get ‘Rocky’ to the vets to see what was wrong with him, but being unemployed due to Covid-19 and unable to receive a loan it would be very expensive and difficult to afford. The Berwick veterinary hospital diagnosed ‘Rocky’ and found he had some very severe growths in his mouth and a secondary one in his throat. ‘Rocky’ would need immediate surgery so PMC received the application to help and help we did.

“Rocky is my very first pet. He is my baby, my world. He’s family and means the absolute world to us! My daughter has grown to love him so much and just can’t see a life without him or getting the care he needs. He’s struggling to eat and that’s not like him, we are struggling to pay rent, bills, and other expenses.” Ashley told PMC.

Thanks to the help of the Berwick Veterinary hospital Pet Medical Crisis were able to step in and manage the case. PMC hopes that Ashley and Adam have many years with the big dog and he goes on to make old bones

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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