‘Minnie’- Sometimes a broken heart needs a four-legged friend to help.

Amelia has suffered many different traumas in her young life and they stem back many years. She has struggled to cope with some of the events and still to this day is triggered badly from the pain she has experienced. The one true thing that helps Amelia is her love for her beautiful dog named ‘Minnie’. ‘Minnie’ has been by her side now for the last few years that have proven to be some of the hardest for her to face, however, the young dog has remained there for her no matter what. ‘Minnie’ is the lifeline for her mum and she helps her cope in a way nothing else can.

Recently ‘Minnie’ was struck by a car and was very severely injured which included an extremely badly broken leg that left the dog in incredible pain. Amelia was able to get her pooch to the vets to find out what could be done to help the sad little dog. The first vet surgery Amelia visited was not as helpful as the young mother needed and after doing so contacted us at Pet Medical Crisis. PMC recommended for Amelia to contact the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, but without wheels or a way there the problem continued. Thanks to Claire a wonderful volunteer for PMC she was able to deliver the dog to the great team at the centre.

Needing immediate surgery that Amelia was unable to afford PMC kicked in the maximum amount we could and then reached out to the public for help. Again the amazing kindness from Mr Rob Curtain from peninsula properties donated the remaining very large bill so that ‘Minnie’ would be able to be saved.

Sadly this event has sent Amelia back into hospital as she recovers at the same time as her lovely dog. PTSD is a cruel and torturous condition and this truly makes us appreciate the value our animals have in our lives.

We are so grateful for all the help and assistance we receive, from the vets to the donors to our volunteers and to or followers.

An enormous thank you to Lort Smith for the great work. Claire for your kindness and time in taking ‘Minnie’ to the Vet and for waiting all day. And to Mr. Rob Curtain you are truly one of the most generous and beautiful people we have ever known you are helping change the world for the better.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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