Nulla’- Means everything to Deanne, severe dental problems.

Deanne is on a pension, her one true joy is her dog named ‘ Nulla’. ‘Nulla’ is a 9-year-old Maltese cross female who has been with Deanne for her entire life and the pair are inseparable. After ‘Nulla’ was diagnosed with severe dental issues that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, Deanne tried to raise the money to pay for the surgery using a GoFundme
Account, but with the disasters of the bushfires and the Covid-19 virus money was had to come by. After finding Pet Medical Crisis Deanne applied to receive some assistance to help her best friend and support dog.

“I have had Nulla since she was a puppy she is now 9 years old. Nulla and I have a strong bond and are dependent upon each other. I love Nulla” Deanne told our team.

Thanks to the help from the great unit at Murray River Animal hospital Deanne was able to get her little girl some much-needed help. PMC managed the case and made very sure ‘Nulla’ had the best experience possible after she had had some very hard times with vets in the past.

Deanne told us she “Would not have been able to pay for ‘Nulla’s’ surgery and the only other option would have been to say goodbye to her. So the gift from Pet Medical Crisis is the best and will never be forgotten.”

PMC is delighted to have been able to help this loving pair reunite and we hope they have many more years together. Thanks to Ruth and all involved in this case.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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