Fara’- The playful failed guide dog is a huge success as a companion pet.

‘Fara’ is a gorgeous girl. The black lab who is now 7 was trained to be a guide dog but didn’t succeed because she loves to play way too much. ‘Fara’ is now a companion dog for Monique suffers from some mental health issues and ‘Fara’ has been an amazing help to her. Monique has lost both of her parents recently and it’s been extra hard on her as her father was her primary carer.

“Fara is my companion dog, she means everything to me. Fara is all I have.” Monique said to PMC.

‘Fara’ suffers from arthritis and also has very long hairs in her ears that have caused infection in the past, but it is the urgent dental problems that sent Monique to the local vets in need of help. The Warby Veterinary Practice was an amazing help to ‘Fara’ and took on the case that Pet Medical Crisis had been asked to manage. Thankfully the adorable Lab had the procedure to help her dental situation and she is now back with her very relieved mum Monique.

Pet Medical Crisis is here to be a service that does more than pay vet bills, we help the owners manage to get through these times. Owners in necessitous circumstances truly need our help, and in order to help we need your support. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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