‘Wallen’ – A kind mum needs help to keep the family dynamic happy and loving.

Indi has 3 very loved pets, all kindly rescued. Indi needs to live week to week due her circumstances, but she realises how important her adoring animals are to her families health and well being. Being in necessitous circumstances means that Indi would do what ever she could to care for her pets, just as she would for the other members of her family. ‘Wallen’ was adopted from the RSPCA along with his best friend ‘Tilly’ because Indi couldn’t bear to separate the pair.

The two cats changed the family Dynamics for the better as soon as they moved into Indi’s house. Indi and her kids have had a tough background and they have found it hard to trust or rely on humans in the past. Being a house filled with pets has meant that this beautiful family is complete and can feel love, safety and comfort.

Indi noticed that ‘Wallen’ was acting very out of character and seemed to be suffering pain. After doing some research Indi’s son suggested that it could be a urinary tract infection and it will kill a cat if not treated. Indi was able to get ‘Wallen’ to the vet at Narre Warren Veterinary clinic where doctor Jon was there to help. Indi is on Jobseeker thanks to COVID-19, and she knew that the costs to save her cat would be beyond what she could afford. After doing some research Indi came across PMC and applied for help.

“I will be working for a future arrangement to help people who adopt pets, people who adopt pets are kind and often not rich, because they always give. It’s wonderful to have something like your organisation (PMC) To seek support in difficult times and I am willing to support and promote.” Said Indi

Dr. Jon and his team treated ‘Wallen’ for three days and gave him what he needed to recover from the infection in the bladder and kidneys. Thankfully ‘Wallen’ has made it back home where he belongs and will soon take up his spot in bed with his compassionate mum.


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